Battle Royale

Special 7th Anniversary Event: Mini Peak

Experience thrilling battles in the mini-sized peak on the floating island and win powerful loot and classic weapons!

“The skies above every map now feature the exciting Mini Peak. Claim the Memory Portals on the ground to hop onto the island! There, use the Nostalgic M1887 to fight and earn Memory Points. Even if you get eliminated on the island, you'll respawn quickly to jump back into action. Collect points to unlock the Hall of Honor and trade them for loot and Nostalgic Weapons. With these resources, glide back into the Battle Royale match and aim to be the last one standing!”

  • Mini Peak:
    • Across every map, gaze upon the awe-inspiring sight of Mini Peak and the Hall of Honor.
    • Enter Mini Peak via Memory Portals on the ground.
    • At the beginning of each match, up to 4 Memory Portals will be available simultaneously. Each portal can send one team to the island and will shut down after 300 seconds into the match. Portal locations and closing countdowns will be marked on the minimap.
  • Battle on Mini Peak:
    • Every player will be equipped with 1 Gloo Wall and the Nostalgic M1887 as they enter Mini Peak.
    • Earn Memory Points by smashing gift boxes or eliminating enemies. Each elimination or destroyed gift box yields Memory Points.
    • Memory Points can be used to unlock the Hall of Honor and exchange for Nostalgic Weapons there.
  • Hall of Honor:
    • Players can unlock the Hall of Honor after accumulating a certain number of Memory Points.
    • Inside the hall, players can exchange their accumulated Memory Points for powerful loot and Nostalgic Weapons. They can also return to the Battle Royale match using gliders through portals within the hall.

Other Adjustments

  • Added an autopilot button for vehicles.
  • The capture icon for both Revival Points and Defense Airdrops will function similarly to capturing the Defense Arsenal, and the capture speed will increase with more participants from the same team.
  • Added a parachuting enemy alert: When revived enemies parachute within a certain distance nearby, players will receive a directional warning.
  • During the 7th Anniversary, special gift boxes will randomly appear on the ground. Breaking these gift boxes will grant various loot, with a small chance to grant the 7th Anniversary Nostalgic Weapons.
  • Item Adjustments: 
    • Gloo Melter’s damage to Gloo Wall: 170 HP/s → 230 HP/s
    • Extra damage to Gloo Wall within Gloo Melter’s effect range: 100% → 120%
  • Loadout Adjustments: 
    • Pocket Market Item Adjustments:
      • Removed the sale of UAV-Lite, Horizaline, Inhaler, and Hit List.
      • Reduced the price of Clu and Chrono’s skill cards by 100 FF Coins.
      • Increased the price of Portal Go by 400.
      • Increased the price of Sniper Ammo by 100.
      • Removed purchase limits of various attachments
  • War Chest Adjustments:
    • Reduced the drop rate of Horizaline across all War Chest levels.
    • Reduced the drop rate of Armor across all War Chest levels.

Clash Squad

7th Anniversary CS Gameplay

Classic weapons, Mini Peak, and mysterious in-match boxes — come and check them out now!

“We've brought back the Peak in our memories, given it a makeover, and added it to the CS map pool. We’re also reintroducing some classic weapons at their peak performance through the Supply Gadgets. Plus, to celebrate our 7th anniversary, we’ll be placing special gift boxes in other maps. Break them open for a chance to find some surprising loot!”

  • Players may be randomly teleported to Mini Peak in the 5th and/or 6th round. During these rounds, the spawn points will be larger, and all players will start with a Gloo Wall by default.
  • At Mini Peak, several classic, more powerful weapons can be obtained through interaction with the Supply Gadgets.
  • Special 7th anniversary gift boxes will be placed in other maps. Players can break them open to receive random loot.



Clash Squad: FPP

First-person perspective Clash Squad, let's go!

“Looking for fresh challenges and more intense battle experience? Introducing Clash Squad: first-person perspective (FPP) Mode! We've also improved the first-person experience by fine-tuning the camera, shooting mechanics, and movement to make combat more immersive.”

  • We have optimized and adjusted many details in the first-person perspective to improve the gameplay experience. This includes but not limited to: movement actions, speed, shooting performance, skill displays, and visual alerts for nearby enemies. Players will now enjoy a smoother and more seamless experience during matches.
  • The sensitivity for the first-person perspective can be adjusted in the Settings.

Cosmic Racer Optimization

The all-new Skyblaster has just been added to Cosmic Racer!

“We believe everyone will love the thrill of flying through the sky! That's why we've added the new vehicle, Skyblaster, to Cosmic Racer. You can now upgrade your starter vehicle to either the flying Skyblaster or a classic high-performance racer!”

  • In Cosmic Racer, after picking up exp. tokens, you can choose to upgrade your vehicle to the flying Skyblaster.
  • New vehicle: Skyblaster
    • The driver can fire area blasts and lock on missiles toward enemies.
    • The passengers can use the built-in cannons to attack enemies.

Social Island Optimization

Limited space, infinite joy.

“We've made some changes to Social Island by grouping most of the buildings together to create a livelier atmosphere. To keep cars from the race track from driving into the central square, we've added a teleportation entrance to the track. This way, we can avoid any traffic accidents and keep Social Island fun and safe for everyone.”

  • Modified the terrain to reduce the memory usage of the mode.
  • Added a new teleport entrance for the race track. Players can now enter the race track directly through this teleportation entrance.
  • You can now receive team-up invitations from outside the island while on Social Island.
  • Adjusted the range for the public microphone so that you can only hear the voices of nearby players.


New Character



“Kassie considers pain and fear the basis of human emotions, and she believes her electroshock research is the key to stimulating them. Her ultimate goal is to awaken the emotions of her childhood friend, Sonia, but she keeps getting further off track. Because her treatment methods are too radical, she's been blacklisted by all the medical research institutions in La Luna. Kassie doesn't mind and sets up her own lab in Griza. Both Horizon and The Mambas have tried to recruit her, but she turned them down, convinced that her way is the right way.”


Healing expert

“Within this world, players have different strategies to win matches. For Kassie, she believes that healing is her ultimate path. Kassie can consistently heal her team, assisting them in achieving Booyah.”

Electro Therapy:

Basic Therapy (no cooldown): Tap the skill once to form a healing bond with the target teammate to restore 3 HP/s for self and the target (non-stackable). Max. bonding range: 20m. The bond will automatically break once exceeding the range limit and can also be canceled manually.

Focused Therapy: Use the skill again to instantly restore 100 HP for the target. (The skill will be auto-released while the target's HP is below 50. The healing amount will be 50% of that when manually used.) Cooldown: 60s.

Character Rework


A brand-new way to heal!

“Kapella gets a unique healing ability starting with this patch! With her new skill, you can use any weapon to heal teammates directly. Plus, healing weapons provide extra healing!”

Remedy Rounds:

Heal teammates with ammo by 20% of the damage dealt. When using a Heal Pistol, increase healing effects by 20%.


Increased healing effect

“Olivia remains the team's guardian angel in this patch. Besides her area healing, she now also boosts the healing amount for players.”

Healing Touch:

Increase healing effects by 30% and spread 80% of the user's single-target healing amount to teammates within 15m.


The Wall Break-King

“Nairi and the Gloo Makers have ruled Bermuda for too long. Now, Skyler is back and ready to reclaim his throne. In this patch, Skyler can now stack his skills like Tatsuya, making enemies' Gloo Walls crumble!”

Riptide Rhythm:

Unleashes a sonic wave forward for up to 100m. When hitting an obstacle, the wave will explode and deal 500 DMG/s to Gloo Walls within 4m. Lasts 6s. Cooldown: 45s. Up to 2 skill charges can be stored.


Invincible Gloo Walls with restrictions

“In recent patches, Nairi's Gloo Wall has been really powerful. A “thick” Gloo Wall can do a lot, like protecting teammates and helping users navigate dangerous areas. But we don't want players to rely solely on the Gloo Walls without paying attention to what's happening in the match. So, we're adding some restrictions to Nairi’s skill.”

Ice Iron:

Within 3s after deploying Gloo Walls, restores 150 → 160 durability/s for them and restores 20 → 10 HP/s for teammates within 5m. The healing effect cannot be stacked by deploying multiple Gloo Walls.

Character Balance Adjustments

Alok & Awakened Alok

Stronger sonic wave

“With the powerful active skills from Tatsuya, Orion, and others, Alok needs more than just increased movement speed to stand out and compete effectively.”

Drop the Beat:

Creates a 5m aura that increases movement speed by 15% and restores  3 → 5 HP/s for 10s. Effects do not stack. Cooldown: 45s.

Party Remix:

Awakening: While the aura is active, music notes that last for 5s will be dropped 2m behind the skill user every 2s. Teammates who pick up the music note will increase movement speed by 15% and restore  3 → 5 HP/s for 10s.


Time Tunerrrrrr!

“We want players to feel safe protecting their teammates inside Chrono's shield and have more time to plan their tactics. Now, Chrono's shield lasts longer, giving players extra time to make decisions.”

Time Turner:

Creates an impenetrable force field that blocks 800 DMG. Unable to attack outside enemies from within the field. All effects last for 6s → 8s. Cooldown: 75s.


A more flexible bush

“We've adjusted Wukong's skill cooldown to match other skills.”


Transforms into a bush that lasts for 15s. Cooldown: 200s →75s. Transformation ends when Wukong attacks. CD resets when Wukong takes down an enemy.


Track distant enemies and devise better strategies

“Clu is great for countering ambushes in CS, but on larger maps like BR, Clu's skill effectiveness drops. By increasing the scanning range, Clu can be more useful in Battle Royale, which requires more tactical play, and provides tactical players with more skill options.”

Tracing Steps:

Locate positions of enemies within 65m → 80m who are not in prone or squat position. Lasts for 10s. Enemy positions are shared with teammates. Cooldown: 45s.


Safe escape and reposition for counterattack!

“The duration of Ford’s skill is increased to better prepare you for enemies’ ambush attacks and quickly reposition to fight back.”  

Iron Will:

Gain 10 HP/s for 3s → 4s when taking damage. After releasing an active skill, this passive skill will reset immediately. Cooldown: 20s.


Recon ability as powerful as Moco's

“Moco has always been one of the most popular characters. On the other hand, Shirou hasn't performed as well. Shirou's ability is more passive compared to Moco's, so we've improved Shirou's skill effects to help him better mark enemies who ambush him.”

Damage Delivered:

When hit by an enemy from within 100m, said attacker is marked for 6s → 10s (intel is shared with teammates). Max. 4 markings.

Defensive Skill Adjustments

No absolute defense

“There are many defensive skills in the game, like Andrew's protection, which helps players survive longer in battles. However, using multiple defensive skills together can lead to stacking stats excessively, making the game unbalanced in later stages. Imagine attacking an enemy with a submachine gun and only dealing single-digit damage. This goes against our goal of having a diverse skill ecosystem. In this patch, we will be adjusting a number of defensive skills.”

Andrew & Andrew “The Fierce”

Armor Specialist:

Armor durability loss decreases by 25% → 40%.

Wolf Pack:

Awakening: Armor damage reduction boosted by 15% → 5%. Additional 5% damage reduction from every teammate carrying this skill.

J. Biebs

Silent Sentinel:

The skill user and allies within 12m → 15m can block 12% → 8% DMG using EP. In this case, the amount of EP deducted from allies will be added to the skill user's EP.


Gear Recycle:

When using an active skill, gives 50 → 40 Shield Points to self and teammates within 10m. The Shield Points decay after 5s, after which players can obtain the effects again. Cooldown: 10s.



Every elimination will add one spectator, and the number of spectators will not reduce. With each additional spectator, damage taken from headshots reduces by 10% → 7% (max. 30% → 21%) and headshot damage to enemies increases by 10% (max. 30%).

Hayato “Firebrand”

Art of Blades:

Awakening: Reduces frontal damage by 3% → 2% for every 10% of max. HP loss.

Other Adjustments

  • Optimized skill sound effects for Orion.
  • After using the skill, Santino will have 0.3s of cooldown to prevent players from accidentally triggering the second teleportation during intense battles.
  • When players inflict damage on shields, a new damage indicator will be displayed.
  • Optimized the experience of deploying Gloo Walls inside Chrono’s shield.


Balance Adjustments for CS Maps

  • To minimize the disruption caused by long-range enemies on either side of Rim Nam Village, we’ve narrowed the Safe Zone for Rim Nam Village in CS mode, modified the structure and placement of houses on the left edge of both spawn points, and resized the railings on the second-floor edges in the middle area.
  • Addressed several hidden high grounds for a more balanced CS combat experience:
    • Nurek Dam: Adjusted the structure of the rooftop edges along the long corridor.
    • Sentosa: Removed two wooden crates near the fence at one of the spawn points.
    • Observatory: Added railings to the edges of the rooftop on one side of the building.

Weapon and Balance

New Secondary Weapon: the FGL-24

Use the power of flames to eliminate your enemies!

"Introducing the brand-new secondary weapon, FGL-24! This special grenade launcher can strike enemies behind regular walls and Gloo Walls, forcing them to move. Enemies and vehicles hit by its grenades will get a fearful taste of the flames.

  • The FGL-24 can fire grenades that penetrate walls, causing explosions on the other side of the walls and emitting flames after a short period.
  • When fired at thick walls, the grenades will get stuck in them and will not explode. Instead, they will emit flames behind the wall after a short period.
  • Enemies caught in the flames will take burn damage over time.
  • The FGL-24 can be found as ground loot.

New Secondary Weapon: the Heal Pistol-Y

Healing is the must, help-up is the plus!

"Now we have an upgraded version of the Heal Pistol — the Heal Pistol-Y. This advanced healing weapon, while providing greater healing power, can be used to help up downed teammates. Don't forget to use it to get your teammates back on their feet during battles!"

  • Each use of the Heal Pistol-Y restores 25 HP.
  • The Heal Pistol-Y has a special firing button that can be used to help up downed teammates from a distance.
  • Each Heal Pistol-Y can only be used to help up a downed teammate once. 
  • The Heal Pistol-Y can be obtained via Vending Machines and Airdrops.

New Upgradable Weapon: the MAC10

Another upgradable submachine gun!

"Just like the AUG, the MAC10 can now be upgraded if you deal enough damage with it. At the maximum level, its power can be on par with airdrop weapons. Come and give it a try!"

  • Players can only level up the MAC10 by dealing damage with it. Upgrading to the MAC10-I/MAC10-II/MAC10-III requires 200/400/800 damage respectively.
  • The MAC10 cannot be upgraded using Upgrade Chips.
  • Upgraded MAC10 can provide extra damage and rate of fire. 

Weapon Adjustments

Marksman Rifles

"Marksman rifles are supposedly powerful weapons at long ranges. But in reality, they don’t have a competitive advantage against rifles in distant engagements. To address this, we've decided to increase their range."

  • AC80: Range+10%, Headshot Damage -10%
  • Woodpecker: Range +10%, Damage -2%, Headshot Damage -5%
  • SKS: Range +8%, Headshot Damage -8%
  • SVD/SVD-Y: Range +12%, Headshot Damage -10%



“While the MAC10 series became upgradable, we also tweaked some basic attributes so it won’t be overpowered." 

  • MAC10: Rate of Fire -3%, Accuracy -5%, Headshot Damage -10%
  • MAC10-I: Rate of Fire +2%, Limb Damage +15%
  • MAC10-II: Rate of Fire +4%, Limb Damage +20%
  • MAC10-III: Rate of Fire +6%, Limb Damage +25%


"As a lightweight sniper rifle, the VSK94 boasts a rapid fire rate and high mobility. However, its low damage output often requires three to four shots to eliminate an enemy in most scenarios, which is not ideal for a sniper rifle. That is why we are increasing the VSK94's damage to make it more competitive." 

  •  Damage +3%, Headshot Damage -10%


"Plasma-X currently has several issues, such as overheating too quickly and significant bullet spread, which hinder its performance despite its high rate of fire. To make this weapon more appealing to players, we are adjusting its availability and strength.”

  • PLASMA-X will no longer show up in matches and will be replaced by the PLASMA instead.
  • The post-adjustment PLASMA can be found in Airdrops and Arsenals in BR mode.
  • Before heated: Rate of Fire +10%, Accuracy +15%, Magazine +50%
  • While heated: Boost for Rate of Fire -10%


"RGS-50 is especially effective in destroying vehicles and Gloo Walls. However, its damage to vehicles is still suboptimal. Hence we decided to boost RGS-50's vehicle damage and tracking capabilities.”

  • Damage to Vehicle +50%
  • Vehicle Lock-On Time: 2s → 0.6s


Backpack Optimization

No more rifling-throughs!

"We've all been there — standing still, rifling through our backpacks to find or discard items, only to get ambushed by enemies. To make this less of a hassle, we've made several adjustments so that players can swap items effortlessly, even without opening their backpacks!"

  • Smart Pop-Up: When you are trying to pick up an item with a full backpack, a small window will pop up and show the excess items that you own and can be directly replaced.
  • Item Arrangement: Frequently used items such as ammo, coins, and Med Kits will be prioritized and put in the front rows inside your backpack, much easier to access.
  • Drop All: A new "Drop All" area has been added to the discard section. Now you can drag and drop all units of an item in one go, without adjusting the quantity slider.
  • Special Ammo Handling: Special ammo of secondary weapons, such as grenade launchers, will NOT be considered useless items until the corresponding weapons are discarded.
  • Bag Pouch Removal: This backpack expansion attachment has been removed. The extra capacity it used to provide will be added to the default backpack.


In-Match Battle Highlight Optimization

Victory comes in a million forms!

"Sometimes, a simple Victory or Booyah cannot fully capture the sweet and bitter of a battle. In this patch, we are adding unique banners for victories in various situations, allowing every team to better celebrate their highlight moments!"

  • When players meet certain conditions in BR or CS mode, special Victory or Booyah banners that come with the triggered battle highlights (combat notifications), including Big Comeback & Easy Game in CS and Team Annihilator in BR, will pop up.
  • The “Avenged” highlight is now available in BR mode.
  • Players can see a summary of their in-match battle highlights after the match ends. All battle highlights triggered can be viewed in the Achievements interface outside the match.

Other Adjustments

  • The Trogon will be available in CS mode, with its Grenade Launcher mode removed and Shotgun mode kept.
  • Players can now reload guns while jumping.
  • Players can play the Duo Active Skills mode and activate special airdrop gameplay in Custom Rooms.
  • In Guild Wars, map rotation has been added, allowing players to experience different maps each week.
  • Replaced the barbed wire texture for fences in Bermuda.


Weapon Mastery Breakthrough

“Faster breakthrough to earn rewards more quickly!

In the enhanced Weapon Mastery system, players can level up their Mastery and get rewards, such as exclusive weapons skins at Lv. 4 and special fire buttons at Lv. 5 more quickly.  For those who have already maxed out their Weapon Mastery, you can now break through the cap and keep leveling up! Meanwhile, you can also see how many players you have surpassed in terms of Weapon Mastery across the same server.”

  • Boosted the speed for increasing Weapon Mastery.
  • Added the Breakthrough feature, allowing players who reach Lv. 5 Weapon Mastery to continue increasing their Mastery level and obtain exclusive Weapon Mastery icons and special effects.
  • Added texts below weapon names to show how many players the weapon owner has surpassed in terms of Weapon Mastery across the server.

Download Center Optimization

Download in your device background and enjoy the extra space freed up!

“To optimize players’ download experience, we now support background downloading of additional resource packs. Additionally, there is a new option for players to automatically delete resources unused for a long time, which can help free up phone storage and improve overall game performance.”

  • Supports resource download in the background.
  • Added the Auto-Clear feature to automatically remove resources unused for a long time.
  • Added detailed descriptions for recommended resources.

Real-Time Team Invitations in Training Grounds and Social Island

Stay connected even when you are training!

“Many are used to practicing their skills in Training Grounds while waiting for friends, but that means you can miss the team invitations from your friends. In this new patch, rest assured that you can still receive those invites in Training Grounds or Social Island. No more fear of missing out!”

  • Team invitations received while in Combat Zone will be shown as booking reminders in the chat.
  • Team invitations received while in Target Range and Social Island will be shown as pop-up notifications on the side panel.

Enhanced Armory

Learn more about your weapons!

“We have added detailed information for each weapon in the Armory. Whether it is weapon attributes, adjustment history, or how to get them, you will find it all here!”

  • Added easy-to-read bar graphs for attributes including Damage, Rate of Fire, and Range.
  • Added a detail page for each weapon to show information such as attribute changes after upgrade and how to get the weapons.
  • "Final Shot" can now be equipped separately in the Armory, free from skin restrictions. Once you own the "Final Shot" effect of a gun, you can apply it to any skin of that particular gun type.

The Gunsmith System

Time to craft a unique weapon of your own!

“Sometimes players may like the look of one skin but prefer the attributes of another. That is why we have built the Gunsmith system to give all a chance to customize their weapons. Let’s get crafty as gunsmiths!“

  • The Gunsmith feature, which is available in the enhanced Armory, will be unlocked when a player owns at least two skins for the same gun.
  • While players can combine the look of a skin they like with the set of attributes they want, each gun only has one Gunsmith slot for customization.
  • Evo Gun abilities will be kept when players select the corresponding Evo Gun attributes to combine with the look of another skin.


New Mechanism for CS Protection Points

Perform well and you will not lose your stars when defeated!

“If you lose the match but displayed outstanding performance, your star will be protected.”

  • The Best Teammate of the losing team might not lose stars if they perform exceptionally well.
  • Extra Protection Points will be given for longer matches.
  • Players with impressive stats will be rewarded with extra Protection Points.

Rank Goals for the New Season

Come and play ranked modes to claim new mission rewards!

“Players can earn a series of new Rank rewards by playing certain numbers of ranked matches.”

  • New Rank rewards include Parachute/Loot Box/Skyboard skins, which can be obtained by playing enough ranked matches.
  • Time-limited Gloo Wall skins, exclusive to the new rank missions, will be available.
  • Players can keep playing ranked matches to increase the Lifetime progress for the Gloo Wall skins.

Match Results Optimization

Check your in-match battle highlights after the match ends

“Battle highlights (the in-match combat feedback notifications) triggered during the match will be displayed together with the match results.”

  • Elimination-related highlights will be displayed first.

Revamped Season Recap

Discover more details about your last season's performance!

“We have added more information in Season Recap to help you take a closer look at your performance in the last season.”

  • Added more player stats, such as rankings (e.g. top 10%), number of matches played, average damage, win rate, and vehicle eliminations.
  • Included Weapon Glory Leaderboards that you have reached in the last season and your corresponding Role information.

Other Adjustments

  • Players’ account settings will now automatically upload and download.
  • Optimized the visuals for completed achievements and added comparison hints for easier progress tracking.
  • Added Rank-Year-exclusive achievements.
  • Improved the description and usability of audio balance in sound settings. 
  • Added an on/off switch for collection special effects under the Smooth graphics for some of the high-end devices.
  • Optimized friend list sorting for related features. Friends with higher Intimacy Scores will appear on top (only apply to friends that are currently online). Related features includes:
    • Lobby invitation list
    • Friend list
    • Friend gifting page
    • BP EXP sending page
    • Buddy invitation page
  • Optimized the guild recommendation feature to prioritize guilds that are more likely to accept your application.
  • Adjusted the scoring criteria for Support and Bomber in the Role system, and  updated stats display for Sniper.
  • More emojis available while spectating. Players can also see the sender now.
  • If you are friends with the teammates of the friend you are spectating, you can interact with them now.
  • Players can report voice abuse and leaderboard cheats in the lobby.
  • Players can report teammates through BR scoreboard in-match.


  • New Craftland Maps

“Dive into the Anniversary exclusive map in Craftland for some exclusive fun!”

  • Take a nostalgic trip to the Old Peak for an exciting Battle Royale match!
  • Team up and have fun eliminating zombies in the new PvE map!
  • The fun doesn’t stop here! Relaxing Trialympics, exciting Car Racing, and awesome Parkour Maps await you in Craftland!
  • Platform Feature Updates
    • FPP templates are added to Craftland Studio for faster and easier map creation!
    • Why wait? Play Score and Parkour Maps whenever you want with the new single-player option!
    • Map comment words now support random display to provide players with various comment choices.
    • Violation categories are added to the report interface for faster map reports. Let’s keep Craftland safe and healthy for everyone.