Hello Survivors,

With all the excitement to come, the Free Fire OB44 Update will be ready for launch by this Wednesday, June 26th. For a smooth and trouble-free update experience, Garena Free Fire sincerely announce to you the update procedure for OB45, detailed as follow:


  • Preparation Time: Estimated to take about 1h30m (From 07:00 AM → 08:30 AM,  June 26th, 2024)
  • During this period, you will be able to play the game normally with the OB44 version. However, starting from 08:30, you won’t be able to queue up for rank modes in OB44.
  • Detailed schedule:
    • From 07:00 AM -> 08:30 AM: Proceeding data synchronization, getting ready for Google Play & App Store update.
    • From 08:30 AM
      • Close BR/CS Ranked queue in OB44 server. 
      • Proceeding in-game data synchronization for the two OBs.


  • Estimated Time: From 09:00 AM - June 26th →01:00 PM - June 28th*
  • Detailed schedule:
    • Starting from 09:00 AM - June 26th*: OB update will be published onto Google Play & App Store (The “Update” button may experience some delay, please refresh your store in case you cannot see it in the first place)
    • During this period, the OB44 server WILL REMAINED OPEN.
    • You can choose to play in OB44 or OB45 during this period (if you still want to play in OB44, you may choose “Update Later” when entering the game).
    • We recommend you to update to OB45 as soon as possible to re-unlock all Free Fire’s feature, as well as experience the newly updated content that are unavailable in OB45, including:
      • Free Fire's 7th Anniversary Events
      • Special Anniversary Event for BR & CS
      • New Character: Kassie
      • Social Island Rework
      • Character Rework and Adjustment
      • New weapons & Item Adjustment
    • In addition, please note that you won’t be able to login to the OB44 server once updated to OB45, and players using different OBs will not be able to play together. 


  • Estimated time for obligatory update is from 01:00 PM June 28th (This may occur a bit earlier than estimated).
  • From this time on, all players have to update their Free Fire app to OB45 to be able to play the game.
  • If the game have not been updated before this time, players will be forced to log out for update (even when players are currently in-match)

NOTE: In case you are experiencing any difficulties during update, please contact our Customer Service at