Hi Survivors, we’re excited to share an improvement to the rank experience for Heroic and above ranks, in Battle Royale (BR) mode. We gathered direct feedback on the BR ranked experience from some heroic and above ranked players. Some improvements have been made to BR rank points calculation, applicable from Season 31 onwards, that will bring you closer to the ‘Master’ rank.


What Changes have been made?

From Season 31 of ranked BR, players in Heroic and above ranks will be able to gather more rank points, which will more accurately reflect their performance in the matches. We are confident that the changes to our Rank Points calculation will improve your journey of climbing beyond Heroic, and players’ skill levels will be reflected appropriately. 

We listed a few examples to help you understand the changes in Rank Points calculation for Heroic and above ranks (squad):

1. Booyah + eliminated 1 enemy: 10 ~ 25 rank points → 18 ~ 35 rank points
2. Booyah + eliminated 10 enemies: 25 ~ 50 rank points → 30 ~ 60 rank points
3. End match at #10 + eliminated 1 enemy: -35 ~ -15 rank points → -20 ~ -10 rank points
4. End match at #10 + eliminated 10 enemies: -15 ~ 10 rank points → -5 ~ 15 rank points


Reasons For The Change

The journey from Bronze to Diamond is smooth and steady. However, once you reach Heroic, improving your rank can suddenly feel extremely challenging. This is because pushing to Master rank requires you to not only to end the match with high placement, but also with a lot of enemy eliminations. This made ranking up to Master very difficult and time consuming.

While our initial design ensured that Master players were players who consistently performed well on both (placement and enemy eliminations), it also created unintended issues such as:

1. Low Rank Points or even Rank Points deductions for players who were among the last few survivors and eliminated few enemies;
2. Low Rank Points or even Rank Points deductions for players who were not among the last few survivors, but eliminated a lot of enemies;
3. Over-reliance on the bonus Rank Points from daily missions, making the process feel more like a task, rather than fun;
4. Insufficient recognition for players between Heroic and Master ranks on their progression


The Future

We hope to bring you a smoother ranking experience. With this change, you may be closer to being a ‘Master’ in BR.

In the future, we plan to make notable improvements to many other rank-related features, such as the user interface, missions, and rank tokens. For Clash Squad (CS) Ranked, we are also working to improve the experience by awarding more protection points to players who perform well in each match. Another upcoming change that we are excited about is a buff to the calculation of Rank Points for games played on maps other than Bermuda.

Once again, please continue to let us know your feedback, and thank you for your continued support to Free Fire. See you on NeXTerra!

GM Andrew