Hi Survivors,

Today, we’ll be discussing character-related updates. Our character system is one of our proudest features here at Free Fire, as it offers an assortment of skills and possibilities. However, we found that players have been finding it difficult to catch up with our pace of introducing new characters. Plus, the fact that acquiring and growing character skills requires Diamonds has hindered some players from fully enjoying Free Fire’s special character system. We want to change this, as we want everyone to experience the entire Free Fire gameplay.

By analyzing your feedback, we learned that the problem is two-fold. First, characters cost in-game currency or require grinding to obtain and grow (such as unlocking skill slots and leveling up). While the LINK system introduced possibilities of acquiring characters for free, new characters are only available in LINK weeks after they are first introduced and it takes an average of 14 days of playing the game to successfully obtain a LINK character. We also significantly reduced the costs of leveling up characters and unlocking skill slots, but the cost itself negatively affects skill combos, since you would still have to equip low-level skills for some time.

Second, the wide selection of characters has made the learning process overwhelming, and new players have difficulties in understanding basic operations, such as how to equip skills and use them in battles. The Booyah Buddy webpage recommends skill combos, but its accessibility still has room for improvement.


Improvements Made This Patch

Character Growth: Skill slots will be unlocked by default, so they are now free! By lowering the barriers of experiencing new characters, we hope you guys will be more motivated to mix-and-match different skills.

Skills Recommendation: The Loadout interface will now offer recommendations for characters, pet, and loadout combos, making it easier and quicker for new players to grasp these mechanisms. Also, you can instantly equip a combination through presets, so say goodbye to navigating different pages to prep for your battles.


Future Optimizations

We are working nonstop to find more ways in making sure that you guys can enjoy the character system for free. Our upcoming improvements include using Gold to unlock the character right when it’s first launched, eliminating skill levels, and facilitating pre-match preparations by combining character skills, pets, and loadouts as a single system.

As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback! Let us know if you have any suggestions regarding character-related optimizations via social media.

See you on NeXTerra!

GM Andrew