Hola Survivors!


It’s Andrew here with another exciting blog, this time about map adjustments. Maps have consistently been a crucial part of our development process because they significantly impact our combat performance. Given that most of Free Fire’s maps are available for both Battle Royale and Clash Squad, we developers take into consideration not only an area’s loot drop and travel routes but also its balance when two opposing teams engage.

Before I dive into the map adjustments for this version, let’s recap two major map tweaks from the previous patch:

  1. Nurek Dam: We reorganized the blue containers so it’s no longer possible to hop on top of them, successfully balancing out the win rate in Clash Squad.
  2. Rim Nam Village: The area was renovated into clearer sections and added to Clash Squad. Judging from the similar win rates of the two sides in the 4V4 mode, Rim Nam is well-balanced.


Map Adjustments in OB41

Onto the changes in the new version:

  1. Hangar
    1. Removed the elevation of the curbs and adjusted the blue containers next to the billboard. Previously, players who spawn on the right of the elevated curbs could travel along the curbs and crouch fire at the opposing team, as they had a wide field of view and adequate cover, whereas the other side did not have a suitable spot to counter this location. The modification will balance out the firing spots for both sides while improving the fighting experience when gunfire is concentrated at one place.
    2. Less cover on the roof and removed the tree at the center of the map. The old roof was advantageous as there are angles where players could shoot while in a prone position without being spotted by enemies. The trees also obstructed the view for both teams. Therefore, the new changes ensure an identical combat experience and clearer view for the two sides.
  2. Factory
    1. Lowered the height and removed the barriers on the third floor to reduce the advantage of firing from the top. Previously, it was quicker for one team to reach the third floor, giving them a high-ground advantage that facilitates headshots and grants a better field of view to spot hiding enemies. Along with the altitude change, we also adjusted the thickness of the yellow railings to lower the chances of railings blocking the bullets. The interior lighting of the factory is also brightened for better visibility.
  3. Peak
    1. Changed the structures into a mansion, a maze garden, and two pool sections and adjusted the slopes surrounding the area. As an iconic location of Bermuda, Peak had some awkward layouts and fairly scarce ground loot drops that negatively impacted the gaming experience. These issues have been fixed in the new version and the area has joined the Clash Squad map pool.

Moving forward, we will continue to eliminate spots where enemies could hit you while remaining unseen from your point-of-view and reduce firing locations that are hard to counter. Of course, we will closely monitor our map balance and impact on your gameplay.

That’s all for today. We look forward to hearing what you guys think, so keep the feedback coming.


Until next time.

GM Andrew