Clash Squad

Cyber Airdrop

Yep, that’s right, you can now purchase the M1887-X directly from the CS Store! Check out what advantages the new Cyber Airdrop brings along!

“Capturing the special Cyber Airdrop will not only get you better equipment than the regular airdrop but also earn you Cyber Points that can be used to purchase powerful items and the almighty M1887-X! You know you want it!”


  • Cyber Airdrops will appear in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds of Clash Squad matches.
  • The Cyber Airdrop will be transparent at first and become gradually materialized as you capture it. When transparent, it cannot block bullets, but after materialization, it can act as a barrier.
  • The logic of Cyber Airdrop is similar to Defense Airdrop. Players need to capture the Cyber Airdrop for 10-12 seconds (10s for round 3 and 4, 12s for round 5) to unlock it and can obtain weapons, equipment, and Cyber Points. Unlocking the Cyber Airdrop in the 3rd/4th round will earn your team 1 Cyber Point, and unlocking it in the 5th round will earn your team 2 Cyber Points.
  • If there are enemies in the capturing area, you will need to knockdown the enemies to gain ownership over the airdrop. The airdrop will ultimately belong to the team of the player who is still standing in the capturing area.
  • In the CS Store, there will be a Cyber Item section. For every Cyber Point the team earns, corresponding items in the section will be unlocked. When a team earns 3 Cyber Points, they will unlock the purchase rights for the M1887-X.


Information Optimization on the CS Store Interface

Teammates' weapon details are now visible on the store interface! Make sure to use such information in your combat strategy!

“New optimization in the preparation stage! Know your teammates’ weapon details, help each other out, and fight better as a team! ”

  • During the preparation stage, the top left corner of the CS Store will show your teammates’ weapon details.
  • New currency notification: You can now notify teammates of your CS Cash amount to assist or ask for help with purchases. Simply tap on the CS Cash amount in the CS Store or use the marking feature to mark the CS Cash amount in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • New weapon drop notification: During the preparation stage of a non-match-point round, players will be automatically notified when their teammates discard weapons.


CS Other Adjustments

  • In Clash Squad, you can now see your enemies’ passive skills.
  • Reduced the size of the round result interface in Clash Squad.
  • Added a countdown timer for the closing of the store in the CS Store.


Battle Royale


New In-Match Quest: Defense Arsenal

Worry no more about where to find the Arsenal Keys.

“This new in-match quest allows you to unlock the arsenal by capturing it, and the arsenal will also scan for nearby enemies!”

  • Defense Arsenal is now in the In-Match Quests pool. Play Battle Royale matches to get a chance to encounter this quest!
  • In a match that activated this quest, players no longer need keys to unlock the Arsenals.
  • After the quest is activated, Arsenal keys will not be lootable on the map or sold in the vending machines.
  • Players can capture a Defense Arsenal by staying within a certain range around it. When the capturing progress reaches 100%, the arsenal will unlock.
  • Having multiple teammates in the capturing range can accelerate the capturing speed of the arsenal.
  • If enemies enter the capturing range, a dispute will happen and the capturing progress will pause until only one team of players remains in the range.
  • After a successful capture, a UAV will appear on top of the arsenal and scan for nearby enemies for the team.
  • The UAV can be destroyed by enemies, after which the arsenal will no longer have the scanning function.


Solo Dare

Be the center of attention, the hero of your team!

“We understand the despair and fear when all teammates are eliminated in a Battle Royale match. We don't want those lone wolf players in the game to only survive by camping, unable to fully enjoy the thrill of fighting enemies. Therefore, here’s Solo Dare, offering a new and exciting experience for those confident lone wolves.”

  • When all teammates are eliminated, the surviving player can purchase the Solo Dare mission for free from the vending machines. (Excluding Airdrop Vending Machines. Only in Duo/Squad modes.)
  • Survive through the mission time (90s for Duo mode and 100s for Squad mode) to get 400 FF Coins and Super Revival for all teammates.
  • Other players in the match can see the location of the Solo Dare player on their maps.
  • Receive a mystery gift if you eliminate the player who is on a Solo Dare mission!
  • Solo Dare can be purchased a maximum of 5 times throughout a match by all players.


Other Adjustments

For more thrilling combat experiences and a more balanced Battle Royale battlefield.

“In the new patch, for a smoother landing combat experience and operation experience for players and to mitigate the battlefield imbalance brought by some random mechanisms, we have also made other content adjustments.”

  • Map and Loot Adjustments:
    • Removed the drop of Hand Cannons in the blue zone.
    • Limited the dropping of 40mmSR in the blue zone. Small chance of 40mmSR dropping throughout the whole map.
    • Reduced the number of FF Coins dropped in the blue zone by 15%.
    • The blue zone will have two M60-I.
    • Small chance of Helmet Thickener dropping throughout the whole map.
    • Reduced the probability of high-level items dropping from Lv. 1 War Chests and increased the probability of healing items dropping from Lv. 1 War Chests.
    • Reduced the time of drop for Defense Airdrops from 140s to 80s. Increased the total number of Defense Airdrops per match from 2 to 4.
    • Delayed the time of drop for normal airdrops from 160s to 400s. Decreased the total number of normal airdrops per match to 3 for Duo and Squad modes and 2 for Solo mode.
    • Return of Airships: One airship will patrol along a fixed route on the map. Players can enter the airship for transfer via ziplines. There is also a timed War Chest that contains various powerful weapons and items on the airship, which produces new items every 120 seconds. Every time it produces items, there will definitely be a Launch Pad.
  • Item Adjustments:
    • Gloo Melter: Increased corrosive duration from 4s to 5s. Decreased damage to Gloo Walls from 230 to 170.
    • UAV-Lite: When lootable on the ground, the light effect around it is changed to purple. 
    • UAV: Decreased the scanning range from 120 to 100. Increased the UAV’s HP from 200 to 500, and duration to 600s.
  • Vending Machine Adjustments:
    • The availability of MP40s has been adjusted to AK47s.
    • The availability of FAMAS-IIs has been adjusted to FAMAS-IIIs.
    • The availability of free Katanas has been adjusted to free Pans. 
    • The availability of free Foregrip Lv. 2 has been adjusted to free AR Magazines.
    • The availability of free UZIs has been adjusted to free UAV-Lites. Limited to 1 per player.
    • The availability of AR Magazines has been adjusted to Silencers, with the price of 300 FF Coins.
    • Removed the availability of Helmet Thickener and UAV-Lites.
    • Removed the availability of Arsenal Keys from Airdrop Vending Machines.
  • Other Adjustments:
    • Optimized the purchase experience of the Revival Cards. Now, the number of teammates to be revived will be automatically selected based on the amount of FF Coins the player has. This allows players to purchase and revive teammates more smoothly.
    • Optimized the display of the Arsenal Keys. Now, you can directly see which teammate holds the Arsenal key in the teammate status bar.




Zombie Hunt: Double Evil

Zombie Hunt has returned with a new mode, with new maps, new enemies, and new bosses! The redesigned Talent system will also bring you a brand new experience!

“Zombie Hunt has returned! There's also the Double Evil mode, where you can put your monster-fighting skills to test!”

  • Redesigned the interface of Zombie Hunt.
  • Easy, Normal, and Hard modes adjustments:
    • New zombies
    • New maps
    • Difficulty adjustment
    • First completion rewards for each difficulty level
  • New rotating maps:
    • The rotating map changes every week
    • Different buffs for the weekly rotating maps
    • Eliminate 2 bosses in the Double Evil map of the rotating maps to win
  • Added Exchange Store. Use tokens earned from playing Zombie Hunt to exchange for rewards.
  • Talent system redesigned:
    • Entrance at the bottom left corner of the Zombie Hunt page. 
    • Earn Talent Points to level up your Talents and enhance your abilities in Zombie Hunt.
  • New item, the Revival Token:
    • Quickly revive yourself or teammates after they get eliminated.
  • Added limit on the revival count (excluding revivals from Revival Tokens).


Training Grounds Optimization

A better practice experience to help you master shooting skills!


“More diverse scenarios and more realistic targets put the shooting practice more in line with the actual combat experience!”

  • Target Range has undergone tremendous changes! The area is now wider and more covers have been added.
  • Players can now enter Target Range and train with the targets anytime, anywhere.
  • Players can now change the following settings for the targets:
    • Unlimited HP
    • Running Speed
    • Spawn Amount
    • Spawn Distance
    • Armor Level
    • HP 
  • Adjustments on the targets in Shooting:
    • Beginner: Targets do not move, slow respawn speed
    • Intermediate: Targets move, slow respawn speed
    • Advanced: Targets move, fast respawn speed
  • Weapon display optimization: 
    • Adjusted weapons of the current patch will have a separate tab in the training grounds' weapon box. You can view the specific adjustments by tapping the "i" icon in the upper right corner.




Bermuda Adjustments

Peak Rework

Got the guts to land on Peak?

“Bermuda, as the oldest and most popular map in Free Fire, previously had a loot level and terrain design that’s difficult to match with its importance as the highest point on the entire map. This time, we have significantly raised the overall loot level of Peak and renovated its architectural structure, bringing new vitality to this highest peak of Bermuda. Trust me, it's worth a try.”

  • Reset the entire building layout of Peak. Removed the original buildings and added a whole new estate.
  • Lowered the overall height of Peak compared to other locations, allowing for greater depth of space for battles around Peak.
  • Raised the overall loot density and quality.
  • The new Peak will be available in Clash Squad Casual and Ranked matches.



New shelters, new routes, is this the Hangar for you?

“We noticed some unsatisfactory experiences in Hangar before the adjustments: for instance, the players who spawn on the right of the elevated curbs have access to the longer side, allowing them to control more areas while having safer shelters; the trees in the middle area could block the view, causing players to be knocked down without seeing the enemy, etc. In response to these experiences, we've made some optimizations.”

  • Adjusted the layout of the blue container area next to the billboard. We removed the curbs to weaken the previously strong advantageous positions; in addition, we also adjusted the placement of the blue containers, enhancing the playability of the container area.
  • Removed the two trees in the middle area and adjusted the shelters in the second floor area of Hangar, making the shooting experience on the second floor better.
  • Adjusted the layout of the first floor of Hangar’s buildings. Added an extra door as a passage, providing a new movement route.



Knock knock, the third floor is descending!

“In response to the excessive height difference within the Factory and the poor experience caused by the dim interior, we have made some adjustments.”

  • In response to the issue of the excessive strength of the third-floor platform within the Factory (which made it difficult to target players on the third floor due to the large height difference), we have made the following adjustments: reduced the height of the third floor and removed the covers on the third floor.
  • Adjusted the thickness of the railings inside the Factory, making them thinner. This is to reduce their impact on aim assist.
  • Brightened the interior of the Factory for better visibility.



Characters & Pets

New Character




Bounty Assassin

“Suzy is a formidable bounty assassin who is kind at heart. She has a soft spot for orphans and is willing to continue her profession to prevent them from having a similar childhood as hers.”

Money Mark:

Your enemy markings have bounty value. Anyone on ally team who eliminates a marked enemy will earn 100 in-match currency. You will earn an extra 100 for eliminating an enemy.


Character Rework




Antonio can be your strongest support before each battle begins.

“The extra HP provided by Antonio makes him one of the popular choices for defensive skills. In this patch, we have transformed the 40 extra HP provided by him into Shield Points. Although the Shield Points are not affected by armor damage reduction, the new Antonio can ensure your maximum safety before each battle.”

Gangster’s Spirit:

Get 40 extra Shield Points at the start of the match. If no damage is taken after 4s, the Shield Points will begin to regenerate.



Own the best Gloo Wall.

“Gloo Walls are the players' last line of defense. Nairi can make Gloo Walls stronger while providing team-wide healing. Survive on the battlefield amidst the hail of bullets!”

Ice Iron:

Deployed Gloo Walls restore 250 durability per second when hit, during which teammates within 5m restore 20 HP/s. Max. 40 HP per teammate from each Gloo Wall. The Gloo Wall loses its healing effect on teammates if it stays in the Danger Zone for more than 10s.


Assist or carry? I can do both.

“Shani's original skill mechanism is no longer suitable for the current gaming environment. The all-new Shani can provide Shield Points for herself and surrounding allies, taking the initiative in the charge.”

Gear Recycle:

When using an active skill, gives 50 Shield Points to self and teammates within 10m. The Shield Points decay after 5s, after which players can obtain the effects again. Cooldown: 10s.


Quickly locate ambushing enemies.

“The old Shirou was not clearly defined, being half damage-dealing and half informational. In this patch, we have made Shirou's positioning clearer, developing towards an informational role. The new Shirou can not only locate ambushing enemies but also share this information with teammates.”

Damage Delivered:

When hit by an enemy from within 100m, said attacker is marked for 6s (intel is shared with teammates). Max. 4 markings.


Character Balance Adjustments

Andrew “the Fierce”

Wolf Pack:

Awakening: Armor damage reduction boosted by 20 → 15%. Additional 10 → 5% damage reduction from every teammate carrying this skill.



Riptide Rhythm:

Unleashes a sonic wave forward for 100m. The wave explodes and deals damage to Gloo Walls within a 4m radius for 5 → 6s. Cooldown: 45 → 40s.


Other Skill Adjustments:


  • Moco: Hacker’s Eye can now tag multiple targets.
  • Buffs and debuffs will be displayed in the upper left corner of the health bar.
  • Optimized Sonia and Orion’s control. If players attempt to fire when they are unable to, the action will be executed immediately once the restriction is lifted.


Shield Points

A brand new protection mechanism.

“In the last patch, we tried a new shield mechanism. Kapella can provide protection while helping teammates, and Sonia receives shield protection when taking fatal damage. In this patch, we introduced the Shield Points into more characters’ skills. This allows players to get shield protection in more areas and experience different gameplay.”

  • Shield Points
    • When taking damage, Shield Points will be deducted first, but it will not protect against Danger Zone, fall, and constant bleeding damage.
    • Unlike HP, Shield Points will not receive armor damage reduction buffs.
    • Shield Points will have a brand new UI displayed above the HP bar.
    • Added sound effects when hitting the Shield.
  • Characters with skills that provide Shield Points:
    • Kapella
    • Sonia
    • Antonio
    • Shani


Limit on Skill Movement Speed

Why doesn’t my perfect aim hit the target!

“In the world of Free Fire, movement speed is one of the players' favorite attributes. Players can gain speed boost from various skills, allowing them to quickly seize advantageous positions. Currently, there are no restrictions in the game, and players stacking movement speed can affect the assist aim and disrupt the game balance, making it difficult for players to hit their target in situations where they should hit.”

  • The maximum movement speed boost that players can obtain from skills is limited to 15%.



Weapon and Balance



Weapon Balance Adjustments

Long-distance combats are now vastly different!

“In the past, the exaggerated performance of marksman rifles made the choice of long-distance weapons monotonous. After this adjustment, the performance of rifles and marksman rifles will have a greater difference than before. Rifles will have a greater advantage in medium-distance combat, while marksman rifles will still maintain strong performance at long distances! Come and experience it for yourself!”


Rifle Adjustments:

  • AK47 (Buff): Damage +15%, min. damage +30%
  • Groza (Buff): Armor penetration +8%
  • G36 (Buff): Optimization on the aim assist
  • FAMAS (Buff): Scope speed +50%, min. damage on scope +10%, armor penetration +10%
  • M14 (Buff): Now an automatic assault rifle


Marksman Rifle Adjustments:

  • AC80 (Adjustment): Rate of fire -20%, magazine -20%, min. damage +25%
  • Woodpecker (Adjustment): Damage -15%, reload speed -10%, min. damage +30%
  • SKS (Buff): Magazine +60%, reload speed -20%, scope speed +50%, range +20%, min. damage +40%, optimization on the ease of use


CS Store Adjustments (TBD): 

  • SKS now available in the CS Store, with a price of 1800 CS Cash
  • MAC10 price reduced by 100 CS Cash


Melee Weapon Adjustments - Melee Weapon HP

Like humans, melee weapons also feel pain.

“Due to the characteristic of melee weapons being able to block bullets, the experience of hitting an enemy carrying a melee weapon is too poor for the attacker. Therefore, melee weapons will now have HP, and will shatter after sustaining a certain amount of damage!”

  • Melee weapons have 130 HP
  • After receiving sufficient damage, melee weapons will shatter and disappear



Melee Weapon Finishing Move

Finish the enemy you’ve knocked down with your coolest move.

“All melee weapons, except for pans, will have finishing moves. If you knock down an enemy and have a melee weapon, you can finish them off in a cool move to show off your power!”

  • When a player is holding a melee weapon, they can use a finishing move on a knocked down enemy by getting within a certain range of them.
  • A finishing animation will play when a finishing move is used. Once the animation is completed, the knocked down player will be successfully eliminated.
  • During the process of using a finishing move, you can stop it at any time by tapping the stop button.
  • If the finishing move is stopped midway, the elimination will fail. However, players can re-initiate the finishing move at any time within the appropriate range of the knocked down player.
  • Pan does not have a finishing move.

Optimization for Merged Items in Backpack

“Simplify your operation costs and focus on the fight.”

“After the launch of the item merging feature in the backpack, players can now better organize their backpacks. However, discarding bullets still wastes a lot of time. We have adjusted the initial number of bullets to be discarded, so now you can slide to discard as quickly as when they are not merged.”

  • The initial quantity when discarding bullets under the merged condition has been changed from half to one set (30 bullets).


Loadout Adjustments

Some loadouts have been adjusted for the overall loadout balance!

“Based on their individual characteristics, we have made adjustments to some loadouts. The features of each loadout will now be more distinct!”


  • Armor Crate:
    • Round 2: Lv. 1 Helmet and Lv. 1 Vest
    • Round 3: Lv. 2 Vest
    • Round 4: Vest HP Booster and Helmet Thickener → Helmet Thickener
    • Round 5: Vest HP Booster and Helmet Thickener → HP Booster
    • Round 6: Vest Enlarger
    • Round 7: Vest Enlarger



  • Scan:
    • 1 UAV → 1 UAV and 1 Jammer
  • Supply Crate: 
    • Lv. 1 Helmet, Lv. 1 Vest, Bizon, and 300 FF Coins after revival → Lv. 2 Helmet, Lv. 2 Vest, and Bizon after revival


Quickly Team Up With Friends


Play Again Button

I’m on fire! Next match, fast!

“Now, after completing a match, you can match again without returning to the lobby. Quickly start a new game with your friends and have fun!”

  • During spectating, after Booyah, and on the match results page, you can tap on the Ready/Play Again button to enter the matchmaking for the next match.
  • Your matchmaking settings will be consistent with the previous match when you match for a game through this feature.
  • In special cases, this button may become unavailable due to the inability to match the team members, such as when a member of the team has a low Honor Score or a member is in the midst of Hack Detecting.

Booking Optimization

A warm welcome to our upcoming teammate!

“We have optimized the booking process feature. Now, if you accept a booking, you will automatically join the team after your previous match has ended. Additionally, the team lobby will display who has accepted the team booking and show their game information. Try it out now!”

  • If a player accepts the booking, they will automatically join the team after their previous match ends.
  • If you send a booking to another player and they accept it, their avatar will appear in your team. The ongoing game information of that player will be displayed below their avatar.
  • A team can have a maximum of 3 successful booking slots.


Team Up Optimization

Teaming up is easier now!

“In this patch, we continue to optimize the teaming experience between players. Now, players who are already in a team can still receive invites, especially those who are playing Squad by themselves. You no longer have to worry about your friends not being able to invite you! At the same time, we have also optimized the rules for disbanding a team. Now, if the team leader leaves, it won't cause the entire team to disband!”

  • Players in a team can now send invites or bookings to another player who is in another team.
  • The team leader can now transfer their title to another player in the team.
  • When the team leader leaves the team, the team will no longer automatically disband.
  • Fixed the issue where a player would automatically leave/disband the team when returning to the lobby after disconnecting during a match.


Offline Invitation

Get online! Let’s play!

“We often encounter situations where you're online but your friends aren't, leaving you to play Solo. In this patch, you can send an offline invitation to your Dynamic Duo or Mentor to team up online.”

  • You can only send offline invitations to your Dynamic Duo or Mentor.
  • Invitations will only be received if the FF Push Notification is enabled.
  • Upon tapping the invite notification, the invitee will launch the game and join the team.


Custom Room Optimization

Have a customized match with your friends more freely!

“We've received feedback from players that there are still some inconveniences when playing in custom rooms. To address this, we've made optimizations to help everyone have smoother custom matches.”

  • After creating a Clash Squad room, you can still open the advanced settings and modify the related settings. 
  • We've added an Observe setting in the room: whether to allow players to switch to the Observe position (allowed by default). 
  • Disable vibrations for spectators in the room.


Intimacy Scores

Who do you play with the most?

“This patch, we have added a new intimacy system between friends. When you play games together, your intimacy score will accumulate. At the same time, you can also gain extra intimacy scores by sending them likes. So go ahead and send your friends lots of likes!”

  • The calculation of intimacy scores starts after the system is launched.
  • Only the intimacy scores between friends will be calculated. 
  • You can check the intimacy scores on the friends page.


Likes Outside Matches

Send your friends lots of likes!

“We have added a new feature of sending likes outside matches. Whether you missed giving likes to others at the end of a match, want to interact with friends through likes, or express your admiration to your pro teammates, you can do all these outside matches by giving them massive likes!”

  • A new “like” feature has been added to the profile page.


Achievement & Title

Achievement System Optimization

What are you waiting for? Equip and show off your achievements and blow your teammates away!

“We've integrated the original Battle Style tags into the Achievement system. Now, there's even more space and cool icons to show them off. Go ahead and claim your achievements!”

  • The Battle Style tags have been transformed into Achievements while retaining the original progress; in addition, we have added some new achievements, which you can check out in the Achievement system.
  • A new achievement display has been added to the profile page, where you can choose and equip 4 achievements to show.


Title Optimization

Great news! Now you can display your Title in many more places!

“The Title you equipped in your profile page will now be displayed in more places. This gives players more opportunities to show off!”

  • The place in the Clash Squad/Battle Royale loading page that is originally for Battle Style tags will now display your Title.
  • The place in the match result page that is originally for Battle Style tags will now display your Title.


System Optimization

Store Redesign 

Say hi to the brand new store!

“We have made overall optimizations to the Store system to make your shopping experience smoother. Go check it out now!”

  • A brand new Store interface, with more reasonable product categories and more types of products.
  • A new filter & sorting feature to help players quickly locate their desired products.


Download Center Optimization

A more simple and convenient Download Center is here!

“We have optimized the interface for the Download Center in the new patch, making it more simple and convenient for everyone to download and delete resources!”

  • We have launched a brand new recommended resources interface. Downloading the recommended resources will provide you with the most essential gaming experience for the patch.
  • The process for deleting resources has been optimized, enabling players to delete all unnecessary resources with just one tap.


Display Internet Connection Status in Lobby

Farewell, in-match high ping!

“We have added an internet connection status display in the lobby. Players can use this information to decide whether to start a match or adjust their device's internet connection. This allows players to start a match with a good ping value, resulting in a better gameplay experience.”

  • When the internet connection is good, the connection icon at the top right corner of the lobby is displayed in white. When the internet connection is poor, it is displayed in red.
  • When the internet connection is poor, tapping START will prompt a pop-up notification for the team leader, asking them to confirm if they wish to proceed with matchmaking under the current connection status.
  • When the internet connection is poor, team members will receive a pop-up notification asking them to confirm READY or cancel READY.



K/D Leaderboard

Hardcore players, are you ready to compare your K/D with everyone else?

“K/D is the benchmark for strength! Show off your K/D on the leaderboard!”

  • Added a K/D section in the Leaderboard interface.


Map Pool Adjustments

Purgatory is back!

“Purgatory is now back in the ranked map pool! Come and enjoy this highly acclaimed map!”

The map pool for ranked matches has been updated! In the new patch, Kalahari will temporarily leave the map pool, while Purgatory will make its return. The specific map list for ranked matches is as follows:

  • Bermuda
  • NeXTerra
  • Purgatory


Game Environment


Honor Score Rewards Optimization

Players who maintain a perfect Honor Score of 100 for an extended period will receive different stage rewards.

“We are offering more rewards to players who maintain good behavior in the game.”

  • When players maintain a perfect Honor Score for a certain number of days, they will receive time-limited outfits and emote rewards.
  • Rewards will be sent to the player’s mailbox automatically.
  • The rewards mentioned here are repeatable.


Other Adjustments

  • Added a maximum number of likes a player can send to another player per day.
  • Senders of likes and emojis received in-match will now be shown.
  • Your teammate's location direction will be shown on the compass at the top of the screen.
  • All existing and future emotes that involve movement will no longer be interrupted by sprinting.
  • In Clash Squad, you can now see your enemies’ passive skills.
  • Ammo reloading will no longer interrupt the process of helping up teammates.
  • Reduced the size of the round result interface in Clash Squad.
  • Added a countdown timer for the closing of the store in the CS Store.
  • You will no longer automatically switch to holding the throwable after picking one up in an empty-handed state.
  • The color and presentation of some in-game information have been adjusted in the No Blood environment to better conform to its setting.
  • Added a recent visitor feature to the profile page.
  • The skill equipment logic in the character system has been optimized. Now, when equipping or switching skills of an unpurchased character, you can directly equip or switch skills in the skill slot after purchasing the character and tapping on “Equip”.
  • When viewing other players' profiles, your avatar in the upper left corner of the GALLERY will be hidden. The OVERVIEW and WEAPON sections will be replaced with the avatar of the player you are currently viewing.
  • The logic for selecting items in the backpack is now more reasonable.
  • The lobby UI sound effects have been adjusted to enhance the auditory comfort of players.
  • At the end of a match, if you have completed a character’s awakening mission, the Awakening Emblem rewards can now be automatically claimed.
  • When aim assist (not on scope) is attached to a knocked down enemy and there are other standing enemies nearby, you can easily move the crosshair onto the standing enemy.
  • The head position of the player when running with a katana/scythe in hand has been raised.
  • Increased the loading speed of the preset and weapon pages.
  • When a low FPS warning is triggered and you tap to enter the settings interface, appropriate graphics quality and FPS will be recommended.
  • Players can switch weapons while jumping (excluding jumping with a tire and falling).
  • When players use a vehicle, they can see their weapon bar and perform operations such as reloading, switching weapons, switching weapon forms, upgrading weapons, and switching dual-wield forms.



Big Head Training Ground

Every big head has training opportunities!

“The brand-new Big Head Training Ground will go live in early August.”


  • Choose “Big Head Training Ground” in the mode selection page, matchmake, and enter a match.
  • At the start of the match, you can select your preferred weapons and equipment. Once you're ready, you'll immediately enter the training ground.
  • The more players you eliminate, the bigger your head will become.


Rampage: Classic

Legend is back: The Apocalypse has descended once again. Let the hunting begin!

“Rampage: Classic will be launched with the major event. In this mode, the former Apocalypse will descend once again. Become a member of the Apocalypse, defeat zombies, and guard the last peace!”


  • Rampage is a collaborative campaign game content, which will be released during the Rampage event period.
    • It is an optimized version of the Rampage mode in Craftland released in May, which received very high participation.
    • It is a PvP mode where players can select different types of weapons with different strategic skills. In battles, players can achieve victory by eliminating enemies through coordinated cooperation, strategically allocating various weapons and skills between teammates.
    • Players can try out some of the past Rampage bundles and use skills to buff up their performance.



Head Hunt

Hardcore combats. One bullet, one headshot.

“This ultra-hardcore Head Hunt mode will be launched at the end of August. In this map, only shots to the enemy's head will cause damage, while other parts are ineffective. Time to polish your ultra-hardcore headshot skills!”



Clash Squad: Slay

Random events and mysterious missions.

“Tired of the usual Clash Squad? This time, let’s play something different. Various random events will occur during Clash Squad matches, and mysterious missions will be available for you to unlock rewards!”


  • This mode will retain the core gameplay of Clash Squad but with the addition of random events during the battle for players to accomplish.
  • Once these events are achieved, there might be potential bonuses (similar to the random events in Battle Royale).



Shadow Hunter

Vampire Carnival

“A new asymmetric competitive map! A powerful vampire faces off against the hunters in a chase, breaking through layers of encirclement to become the ultimate dominator.”


  • This is a new 1 vs N PvP game mode where players will be randomly assigned as either the Vampire or the hunters.
  • The Vampire needs to eliminate all hunters and survive until the end to win.
    • To make the game balanced, the Vampire will have skills and buffs to help them survive.
    • The Vampire can try on the Vampire Revenge’s costumes (shown on right) when the game starts.
  • Hunters must cooperate and defeat the Vampire to achieve Booyah together.


Other Optimizations

  • Craftland Mission System
    • A brand new Craftland mission system will be launched on the Craftland platform. In this system, various event missions and special rewards will be regularly updated. At the same time, players can also get information about special events and the latest gameplay here.
  • Craftland Room Integration
    • Starting from OB41, the Craftland platform has added a room integration page. Players can easily find the room entrance they desired on the platform and create rooms to play with their friends!