Hi Survivors!


Today, I want to talk about the Battle Royale economy adjustments we made in the new version. The updates are rooted in the insights we gathered from your pain points regarding FF Coin looting and spending behavior. Read on for details!

“FF Coin looting is too random. There aren't any fixed locations to get them.”

The lack of fixed coin-looting locations makes coin-earning a matter of luck and, because of that, there tends to be a wide gap among the FF Coin amounts among players. In the new version, we will roll out the Coin Machine, which, upon interaction, will generate 200 FF Coins for the entire team. There will still be some FF Coin drops around the map because, well, who doesn’t like surprises!

“I risked my life eliminating an enemy and looting the Loot Box, thinking that I might get some FF Coins, but there weren’t any!”

In the new version, you will automatically get 100 FF Coins for each elimination. Those who take risks shall be rewarded!



We feel you. In the upcoming update, you will revive with 30% of your previous FF Coin amount so you can buy weapons and items as soon as you land. No more starting from the bottom when you return to the fighting pit!

“I have all this money but don’t know what to spend it on.”

Brand new items, such as active skill cards, will soon be available at Vending Machines. You will be able to spend your FF Coins on items that can directly contribute to your battles, rather than merely on revival cards.


These updates are not the end of our efforts to polish the economy system in Battle Royale. We will continue to monitor and optimize in hopes to enhance your gameplay experience.

I hope you found this helpful. Keep the feedback coming!

GM Andrew