Battle Royale

New: Villain Conquest

Face off against the villains invading Bermuda and earn the qualification to slay the dragon!

“Villains from another world will randomly invade the Bermuda map. Defeat them to get rich in-match rewards and the chance to fight the Mechadrake!”

  • On the BR-Ranked Bermuda map, villains will invade at 3 different locations, which will be clearly marked on the map.
  • Players can summon the villain by reaching the designated point and interacting with the summoning circle.
  • After defeating the villains, players will receive generous loots and Mechadrake Points as rewards.
  • Collect 3 Mechadrake Points to activate eligibility for the Mechadrake Trial.
  • Each team can earn a maximum of 1 Mechadrake Point per game.


New: Mechadrake Trial

The mighty dragon hovers over the sky, awaiting the challenge of the true strong to seize the treasure in its hands!

“When you become the hero who defeats the Villains and your team Booyahs on the Bermuda battlefield, you'll earn the right to challenge the Mechadrake with your teammates after the match. If you succeed in defeating it, you'll get extra ranked points as a reward!”

  • After getting 3 Mechadrake Points, players can activate the Mechadrake Trial in their next BR-Ranked match on the Bermuda map. As long as one team member has 3 points, the whole team can activate it.
  • The team can enter the Mechadrake War after the match if they Booyah in the Mechadrake Trial. Upon successfully defeating the Mechadrake, they will receive extra rank points, and their Mechadrake Points will be reset to zero.
  • If the player fails to Booyah in the Mechadrake Trial, one Mechadrake Point will be deducted.
  • Defeating a villain in the Mechadrake Trial still yields the player a Mechadrake Point.

Other Adjustments

  • Active Skill Cards Optimization:
    • Players can now pick up an active skill card in-match that is the same as the active skill they've equipped in their preset.
    • If a player's current active skill is available for use, picking up an active skill card of the same active skill will grant the player an additional skill charge, allowing the player to use the active skill twice in quick succession.
    • If a player's current active skill is on cooldown, picking up an active skill card of the same active skill will instantly refresh the cooldown.
  • Portal Go Optimization:
    • It now takes 1s to teleport to the destination using a Portal Go.
  • The use of Energizer will now not be interrupted.
  • Gloo Maker attachments will now be automatically equipped to the attachment slot when looted.
  • Players can interact with others in the cabin by attacking or tapping on other players. When you do this, their profiles will be displayed, allowing you to check out their outfits, send them emoticons, and friend requests.
  • Vending Machine Adjustments:
    • Hook Gun is now available for sale, priced at 200 FF Coins, with a purchase limit of 1 per player. (Only available in Kalahari)
    • Price adjustments for other items.
  • Ground Loot Adjustments:
    • Removed the drop of all Lv. 0 upgradable weapons. Increased the drop rate of Lv. 1 upgradable weapons.
    • New weapon drop: VSK94.
  • Removed the light effect of M. Truck Airdrop on the ground.


Clash Squad

New: Dragon Airdrop

The Mechadrake has arrived in Clash Squad with new draconic items. Defeat it and use these new items to help you win the match!

“When Mechadrake soars across the CS sky, don't be alarmed. It won't harm you; in fact, it will reward those brave enough to defeat it. Upon being defeated, Mechadrake will drop an airdrop filled with brand-new draconic items. Come learn how to use them to secure your victory!”

  • The new Mechadrake will fly through the CS sky carrying a special Dragon Airdrop. By shooting at the Mechadrake, it will drop the airdrop when its HP runs out. This special airdrop contains new dragon-themed items.
  • New items include:
    • Dragon Freeze: An upgraded Flash Freeze that will detonate three times consecutively upon impact.
    • EMP Grenade: A special grenade that emits electromagnetic pulses after exploding to disrupt enemies within a certain range by disabling their minimaps and preventing them from using items.
    • Dragon Sprinters: A pair of special jumping shoes that allow for sprinting in the air during a double jump.
    • Dragonling: A baby dragon that follows you at all times. Every 10s, reduces the movement or attack speed of enemies you successfully hit, or causes them to bleed continuously. 

Other Adjustments

  • Airdrops in CS will no longer disappear when the round ends.
  • In Clash Squad and Training Grounds, you can now tap to open item details in the Vending Machines instead of needing to press and hold.
  • Optimized the assist logic: Extended the assist timer for knocked down enemies.




Zombie Hunt

Zombie Hunt returns — battle it out on a brand new map!

“Zombie Hunt is back with a new map and stages! Team up, choose your buffs, and conquer the bosses together for a thrilling zombie-slaying adventure!”

  • A brand new map is introduced in Zombie Hunt’s new chapter.
  • Rotating Special Events:
    • Rift Raiders:
      • A 4v4 confrontation, where the first team to summon and defeat the final boss will emerge victorious. Both teams are able to interfere with each other.
      • Eliminate zombies and collect Evil Stones they drop to summon the final boss.
      • Evil Stones can also be used to deploy Rogue Zombies onto the opposing team’s battlefield. (Rogue Zombies will appear on the opponents' side and hinder their boss-summoning process.)
      • When the portal is unlocked, players will have the opportunity to transport to the opposing side and directly interfere with the enemies.
    • Hunting Spree:
      • Eliminate zombies to level up, which allows you to choose more buffs. The more bosses you defeat within the time limit, the more points you get!
    • Double Evil:
      • The classic Double Evil is back – defeat both bosses as fast as you can!
  • Dungeon Ascent is back: new stages and new boss skills added.
  • Added new Zombie Hunt exclusive rewards and achievements.


Other Adjustments

  • Added a healing buff of 40 HP/s in the Training Ground Combat Zone for each elimination.
  • Active skill cards are now available in Target Range, allowing players to try out different active skills. 




New Character


Special Ops.

“Kairos is a Special Forces soldier with excellent combat skills and a strong military background. He has undergone rigorous training and is proficient in various tactics and weapon systems. However, during a mission, he accidentally came into contact with an unknown energy source that caused his body to undergo changes. Since then, he has developed a hunger for energy, hoping to harness it in battle. Yet, he is also concerned about losing control at critical moments. As a member of the Special Forces, he remains actively involved in various missions, but his newfound ability makes him a double-edged sword for the team.”

Kairos is set to debut in the Paradox event. In frenzy mode, Kairos' attacks will have a mysterious impact on foes. Stay tuned!


Character Balance Adjustments


Attack or defend, advance or retreat — he can do it all

“Tatsuya's dash is a familiar sight on the battlefield, often used for both offense and defense, granting players significant versatility. This patch, the cooldown time for Tatsuya's dash will be slightly increased. This change encourages players to use the skill more thoughtfully, ensuring that each activation is strategic rather than impulsive.”

Rebel Rush:

Dashes forward at a rapid speed for 0.3s. This skill can be accumulated for up to 2 uses, with a 1s cooldown between each use. Dash replenish time: 45s → 60s.


Deadlier traps

“Ryden's skill can counter many others, such as slowing down Tatsuya's dash or breaking through Wukong's camouflage. Due to the difficulty players face in catching enemies with the traps, the effectiveness of these spider traps will be increased to better assess Ryden's influence in battle.”

Spider Trap:

Release a destructible explosive spider in the target direction. Lasts for 30s → 60s. Tap on the skill button again within 10s to stop the spider’s movement. The spider will catch the first enemy it spotted within 5m, reduce their speed by 80% and cause them to lose 10 HP/s. The bleeding effect will last for 3s → 5s. Cooldown: 75s → 60s.


More time for tactic decisions

“Timing is critical for Santino's skill usage. The original 12s duration of the mannequin presented challenges for tactical deployment on the battlefield. This patch extends the mannequin’s duration, providing Santino with additional time to strategize and carry out tactics.”

Shape Splitter:

Spawn a 200 HP mannequin that autonomously travels for 12s → 25s. When the mannequin is within 60m, use the skill again to switch positions with it. You can only switch once within 3s, up to 2 times in total. The player who destroys the mannequin will be marked for 5s. Cooldown: 75s → 60s.



The more, the better
“Joseph's skill shields him from a variety of enemy tactics, such as being marked or slowed down. Lately, there have been so many triggers for Joseph's defense that it's hard for it to kick in when it really matters. With the latest patch, Joseph's skill cooldown will be reduced to 45s, letting him use it more often and make a bigger difference in battles.”

Silver Spoon:

Become immune from disruptive effects (e.g. slowdown, marking, skill-silencing) and have a 10% movement speed boost for 5s. Cooldown: 60s → 45s.



Seize every opportunity!

“In close combat, every second counts towards victory. With strategic positioning and Nikita's quick reload skill, players can pull off some truly spectacular plays.”

Firearms Expert:

Reload speed increases by 20% → 30%. Every time the skill user hits an enemy, said target will get a 30% healing deduction that lasts for 10s (max. deduction: 30%).



Charge, charge, charge!

“There are various ways for players to increase their movement speed. However, instead of focusing solely on boosting their speed, we hope that players will select skills that resonate with their playstyle. The enhancement to movement speed that Caroline provides when using shotguns enables shotgun players to chase down their targets with greater agility.”


When holding a shotgun, movement speed increases by 13% → 16%.



Dodge lethal attacks

“Have you ever been helped up by a teammate, only to be immediately knocked down again by an enemy? Kapella could be the savior in such situations. With a passive skill designed for support and rescue, Kapella aims to protect downed allies and allow teammates to perform more actions after being helped up. In the latest patch, teammates helped up by Kapella will receive an enhanced movement speed boost. Imagine being able to better help your team to victory after a swift help-up!”

Healing Song:

While helping up a teammate, gives said teammate a 80 HP shield and 10% → 80% movement speed boost. Boost effects reduce within 4s after successful help-up. Reduces bleeding speed of knocked down teammates by 35%. Effects do not stack.


Other Adjustments

  • Active skills cannot be used during the CS purchase phase.
  • Added a sound effect for when picking up Awakened Alok’s music notes.


More Instant Feedback for Your Highlight Moments

Epic plays deserve epic shoutouts!

"To all the sharpshooters and survival experts out there, we know that a simple elimination announcement doesn't cut it when you're pulling off insane headshots, wiping squads solo, scoring multi-eliminations with one grenade, or dominating the field without a scratch. You deserve more than just a pat on the back! That's why we're rolling out a variety of instant battle notifications to hype up your killer moves. Of course, teamwork is also a crucial element, and the actions you take to assist your teammates will surely shine brighter through the new battle feedback system!”

  • Added 15 new instant battle notifications for highlight moments.


Optimized Suggestions for In-Match Communication 

Smoother communication for greater team synergy!

“As effective team communication and interaction is key to Booyah, we have always been laser-focused on improving our in-match communication features with automation, intelligence, and precision. We want to make sure every player can easily connect, strategize, and perform at their best during the match. Heads up, it’s Booyah time!"

  • The quick message button “It’s Booyah time!” will show at the start of BR and CS matches. Tap this button to cheer each other on! When all the teammates have cheered, a special animation effect will be triggered.
  • The quick message button “Enemy here!” will show when you deal damage to an enemy. Tap this button to mark and record the location where you last inflicted damage on the enemy.
  • Some of the quick messages will be recommended to you based on the situations you are currently in. These will be shown at the top of your quick message list.
    • For example, when you are low on health and do not have any Med Kit, the quick message "I need Med Kit" will be pinned to the top of your quick message list.


More Types of Auto-Triggered Quick Messages

Stay in the loop even in the thick of battle!

“It is easy to get caught up in the action and miss out on crucial information from your teammates during battles. But don’t worry, we have added a range of quick messages that will be auto-triggered in different situations to keep all team members well-informed!”

  • Added auto-triggered quick messages for various combat situations.
  • Added auto-triggered quick messages for some of the targets marked.


Other Adjustments

  • Increased the sensitivity cap to 200. Players can now adjust their sensitivity settings within a greater range.
  • Enhanced the visual effects of the indicator above the downed teammate who is calling for help.
  • When a player is knocked down, their Pin button will automatically turn into a red mark for pinning enemies spotted.
  • Players can now use vehicles to capture Arsenals, Airdrops, and Revival Points or interact with Coin Machines.
  • Removed the Free Look feature from Vehicle settings.
  • Added the custom HUD feature in Vehicle settings.



Balance Adjustments for Hangar

Minor tweaks for a whole new experience. Come and try it out in CS mode!

“We have adjusted the layout of Hangar to make the combat experience more balanced. These adjustments will make it less likely for players to be caught in a crossfire from multiple directions and allow for safer offensive maneuvers.”


Other Map Adjustments

  • Added FFWS-themed graffiti in Bermuda/Purgatory/NeXTerra. Go check it out!
  • Adjusted the position of the Vending Machine and added Coin Machines in the Zipway area of NeXTerra.


Weapon and Balance

The New Upgradable AUG

Take your AUG to the next level!

“Unlike any previous upgradables that require Upgrade Chips, the AUG can now be leveled up by its user when they have dealt enough damage with it. A fully upgraded AUG can even be on par with airdrop weapons. Come and test it out in the game!”

  • The AUGs can be upgraded after the player has dealt enough damage with them. Damage requirements: 200/400/800 DMG for AUG-I/AUG-II/AUG-III respectively.
  • The AUGs cannot be upgraded using Upgrade Chips.
  • Upgraded AUGs offer greater damage and armor penetration, maxing out at AUG-III.



Meet the new weapon PLASMA-X!

“After several versions out of play, the PLASMA has been reworked into PLASMA-X as an airdrop weapon. This new weapon may surprise you with impressive energy blasts!" 

  • The PLASMA-X, which cannot be upgraded, can be obtained from airdrops in BR mode.
  • The PLASMA-X is heated over time of use. The more heated, the higher its damage and fire rate. When the heat energy reaches 100%, the PLASMA-X will be on cooldown and cannot be used.
  • While on cooldown or idle for a certain period, the heat energy of the PLASMA-X will decrease gradually.
  • The fire rate and damage of the PLASMA-X will reach the maximum once the heat energy hits 50%. Further heating will not provide any additional bonuses.
  • The new PLASMA-X will be available in Training Grounds on April 17th. After the next BR-Ranked season starts (on May 1st), it will appear in BR mode.

Weapon Adjustments


“The Bizon's exceptional precision and high damage output give it a distinct edge over other submachine guns, to the extent that it can rival shotguns in close quarters. This imbalance gives it an undue advantage. Therefore, we have decided to reduce its damage while retaining its high precision to ensure that it continues to be a viable and competitive choice in its class.”

  • Damage -10%
  • Magazine 30 → 25


"Despite the Trogon's nerf in the previous patch, it is still powerful and overshadowing other shotguns. To level the playing field, we will again make slight adjustments to reduce its power and try to maintain balance among different shotguns.”

  • Damage -8%
  • Range -5%


Charge Buster

"As a unique chargeable shotgun, the Charge Buster is difficult to counter when its user is hiding around corners or behind Gloo Walls, leaving the attacked with little chance to fight back. To address this issue, we will increase the cost of using the Charge Buster and slightly reduce its damage. This will require players to sharpen their skills and think more before they act."

  • Damage -10%
  • Max Charge Duration -25%
  • Movement Speed -5%
  • Full Charge Time +30%


Double Vector

"The Double Vector has been laying low in the game for a while. Despite its superior rate of fire, its limited range and magazine capacity make it less forgiving. We believe that the Double Vector, which takes up two weapon slots, should be enhanced to justify its extra slot requirement. With a damage boost, it is set to make a splash in the weapon pool!”

  • Magazine 20 → 23
  • Accuracy +5%
  • Range +15%


"With the Double Vector's magazine adjusted, the Vector is following suit. By increasing the magazine capacity of the Vector, we hope it will be more attractive to players in the heat of battle."

  • Magazine 20 → 23


"Compared to other submachine guns, the MP5 seems less appealing. Admittedly, all the MP5 variants, except the MP5-III, are in lack of that competitive edge. Since the weapon is favored by many players, we have decided to boost the MP5’s power to bring it back into the competition!"

  • Damage +8%


"The PARAFAL is a powerful rifle, but its small magazine capacity poses limitations in sustained and intense combat. Now, we are slightly increasing its magazine capacity to give players more room for error during matches."

  • Magazine 18 → 20
  • ADS (Scope-In) Speed +10%


Role System

Discover your strengths and contribute to your team’s triumph!

"Throughout a grueling ranked season, you might find yourself as a fearless rusher leading the charge, a sharp-eyed sniper aiming for precision, or a versatile Jack-of-All-Trades everyone wants on their side. These team roles, widely discussed in the game communities, have now been added to our gameplay. It is time to discover your play style and find the perfect team that is just in need of your expertise!"

  • The Role system analyzes your play style based on data such as the weapons and skills you have used in ranked matches in addition to other in-match behaviors. There are five Roles in total: Rusher, Sniper, Bomber, Support, and Rifler, each representing a play style with unique performance metrics.
  • Added the Role tab in Profile, where players can see a pie chart showing the percentage distribution of each Role they have obtained and the level of different Role Expertise in the current season.
  • Players can display their selected Role and Role Expertise in their Profile, Friend Invitation List, and during match loading.


IntelliMate Updates

What a helpful companion!

"We have completely redesigned IntelliMate and added more useful reminders! For example, when you have unclaimed Weekly/Monthly Membership rewards or pending friend/guild requests, there will be a notification over the IntelliMate while you’re in the lobby. Tap on the notification to quickly handle these matters!"

  • Now, IntelliMate sends reminders about daily Weekly/Monthly Membership rewards, which can also be claimed in its pop-up window. There will also be reminders when your Weekly/Monthly Membership or Evo Access subscription is about to expire.
  • New friend requests, guild invitations, and guild applications will now appear in IntelliMate. These requests can also be handled in the IntelliMate pop-up window.
  • Redesigned IntelliMate interface.


Invitation List Optimization and Friends’ Recent Highlights

Let’s make a team!

"We made a series of optimizations to the invitation list to help you better express your desire to team up and, of course, find suitable friends to rank up with!"

  • You can now set different online statuses.
    • "Ready to Team": Automatically accept a team-up invitation and join the team.
    • "Do Not Disturb": Automatically reject all team-up invitations.
  • Friends’ recent highlights: If your friend has a recent highlight in ranked mode, it will be displayed on their banner in the invitation list. Highlights include win streaks, MVPs, major rank breakthroughs, or Ace in CS mode.


Guild Optimizations

Empower your guild!

“In this version, we have a series of optimizations to the guild system, including earning more Activity Points through teaming up with more guildmates and extending the participation window of Guild Wars. Go and have a blast with your guild buddies!”

  • Earn more Activity Points by teaming up with more guildmates. 
    • Get 10 points per minute for a 2-guildmate team.
    • Get 20% more points for each additional guildmate in your team.
  • Guild Wars will now be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The 3 time slots each week will be considered as one round, and you can participate on any of those days.
  • New Guild Wars participation reward.
  • Added the “Competitive” and “Casual” tags to make it easier to find a suitable guild.
  • Adjusted the required Activity Points for leveling up. Reduced the required points to level up and maintain at Lv. 6.

Weekly & Monthly Membership Optimizations

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend!

"Updates to the Weekly and Monthly Memberships and introducing the new Weekly Membership Lite!"

  • Weekly Membership Lite: A more affordable choice.
  • Optimized the check-in function. You can now use Gold to reclaim Diamond rewards within 7 days.
  • Removed the SVIP and the exclusive store.

Evo Access

Everything you need!

“Been eyeing that Evo Gun but kept missing the Luck Royale event? Want to flaunt your exclusivity? Still saving up Gold to unlock characters and pets? The Evo Access is here as a one-stop solution!”

  • The Evo Access includes 3 tiers: 3-day, 7-day, and 30-day, with the 7-day and 30-day tiers supporting subscription services.
  • Upon purchase or subscription, you can enjoy a series of privileges during the service period, including access to different Evo Guns, the elite E Badge, selected character and pet usage rights, a special chat bubble, extra friend slots, and an additional preset outfit slot.
  • The Evo Guns available in the privilege change periodically. You can preview the guns in the next period on the Evo Access interface.


New Grandmaster Icon

Brand new icon and rewards for the top survivors!

“To better differentiate the prestigious Grandmaster, we tweaked its icon and optimized the related avatars and banners. Come and rank up now!”

  • The Grandmaster tiers have been further divided into 6 from the previous 3.
  • Each tier will have a new avatar, icon, and banner reward.


Game Environment

Honor Score Weekly Rating

Interact with other Survivors and get a higher rating!

“Your Honor Score now settles weekly, and you will get rewarded for excellent ratings!”

  • Honor Score ratings are settled every Monday.
  • Receiving likes from players in matches is considered positive behavior, while violations in matches are considered improper behavior.
  • Players with excellent scores will accumulate +1 progress towards Honor Score rewards and receive one exemption from Honor Score penalties.
  • Players with undesirable ratings will face additional Honor Score deductions.

Instant Feedback about Voice Reports

Quiet, please!

“More timely feedback about your voice reports to further improve the gaming environment.”

  • More timely handling of voice abuse reports and feedback.
  • After reporting, you will no longer hear the voice of the reported player.
  • Once the reported player is penalized, you will receive a notification via your in-game mail.
  • If the reported player is penalized during the match, there will be a more obvious in-match pop-up stating so.


Other Adjustments

  • Added PVE mode and Craftland career achievements.
  • Added a preview of level rewards on the Profile page.
  • Assigned different colors to social invitation pop-ups to distinguish the source of each inviter.
  • Optimized the player information pop-up window: Added match highlight, weapon leaderboard ranking, and Role. The buttons at the bottom have also been redesigned.
  • Added friend deletion by batch, which is useful for deleting multiple friends when your list is full.
  • Increased the Evo Guns’ “Final Shot” trigger condition: In BR mode, wiping out a team within a certain range can trigger the Final Shot special effect.
  • Added a recommended graphics quality in Settings.
  • Added new enhanced FPS option (40-FPS) in Settings.


View Friend’s Craftland Match in Lobby

See what maps your friends are playing and interact with them in real-time!

“Now, you can easily see which Craftland map your friend is playing on and interact with them through the book button, keeping up with their match status in real-time!”

  • In the lobby, you can see which Craftland map your friend is currently playing.
  • You can book friends who are playing Craftland maps.

Other Optimizations

  • New Craftland Achievements for reaching Dreamer III, Architect III, and Master Crafter III.
  • View custom parameters, such as points, eliminations, and damage, in the match history page.
  • Go to the EXP interface directly from the match results page for quicker level progress tracking.
  • Added a quick delete function for invalid maps in the match history, making map management more convenient.
  • Certain maps will hide the minimap display to highlight key features.
  • Added a system notification when you reach the max. daily EXP limit.