What’s up, Survivors!

Today we’re here to talk about Training Grounds, a new feature arriving with the next Patch (on 25/02) — while Training Grounds sounds pretty straight forward, we do want to share a little bit more of thinking on what went into developing this as a separate mode & how can you make the best use of it.


Training Grounds is a place where you can train your game mechanics and elevate yourself to your full potential — think about it as going to a virtual gun-range, but not only that — Training Grounds is also a place where you can meet new friends, and maybe form the Squad of your dreams. At Training Grounds, you’ll meet other players who are there to hone their in-game skills and looking to get familiar with certain things that are hard to figure it out in the heat of the battle. Are you trying to understand the spread of your favorite gun? The best way to control your aim when you’re going for headshots? Or just trying to understand simple things such as the best way to use the Zipline?

With Training Grounds, we were looking into creating an environment that lets you test and improves your abilities before heading out to the real battle — on top of that, you get to try your favorite gun combinations, your ideal gun attachments, trying out guns that are a bit harder to come by in every match and so forth.


Training Grounds is composed of two Major Zones:

  • The first zone is a shooting range which contains all guns so you can train and practice your aim
  • The second zone is a place where you can revive over and over again and keep battling against people to train your skills against real humans

There are also open areas where you can interact and hang out with other players, send’em some messages to make new friends! As we add more features to the game, we’ll keep an eye on if it’s worth to add them to the Training Grounds.


Training Grounds is a place of learning, but it can also be a place of sharing — don’t hesitate to share your practice style with friends, on video, or through your favorite streaming platform! We’re very excited to see what you will come up with!