Howdy, Survivors!


By the end of last year, we gave you an update on how we were approaching certain aspects of our development. We also talked about our Character System and some adjustments that were being made to it. If you"ve been paying close attention, this past week, we dove deep on how we approach our Weapons and Pet system. Considering how vital our Character system is, we couldn"t leave it out. This time around, we"ll be talking more about what we believe the character system does to Free Fire, and why having unique characters is something so crucial to Free Fire. Let"s drop in!




Through the development of Free Fire, we set ourselves to create a unique experience within the Battle Royale genre. To this day, we"re keeping up to it. We believe that the Character system is one of the things that genuinely make Free Fire unique. Through our characters, we" re offering a glimpse into Free Fire"s lore and background. We"re also offering players a real opportunity to identify and connect themselves with the people who are part of the Free Fire challenge. As our efforts to tell the story of Free Fire continues, we believe the character system will be a key-part for players to learn the ins and outs of what is happening.


Aside from the lore importance of the characters system, we also believe it plays an integral part in making Free Fire a fun game to play when you drop out of the plane. Character skills are key to diversify your gameplay and create your own, unique, play-style. The further you develop your characters, the more you can explore their individual skills, and create combinations that resonate with how you like to play. When playing with a squad, synchronizing skills & abilities can lead up to having the upper hand on otherwise hard situations and combat. Lastly, some characters are even going through an Awakening process, which allows them to diversify even more their skillset. 


Overall, we"re quite happy with how the character"s system has been improving. Still, we also would like to hear it from you, so let us know what you think through comments on social media!




Character Uniqueness is super essential when deciding to create a character. We want to make sure the experience of picking your favorite character feels consistent and satisfying.  That means that both characters inspired by real-life people, and the ones created by us, should feel that they are part of the Free Fire universe. Of course, not every character is going to be everyone"s cup of tea, but no matter what, the character should feel whole and unique. 


First, this includes creating a compelling character background that has a connection to the world we know and love as well as hopefully connects on some level with our player"s lives. Secondly, it also includes creating a good-looking model that reflects the character traits and personality in their backgrounds. Last but not least, the character skill. As we"ve pointed out, skills are part of what makes Free Fire very unique. Character Skills not only give the character a unique aspect when playing as them in-game but also makes sense to their occupation, personality, or abilities. Whenever we"re creating a character, we can"t just choose any skill that sounds awesome in our initial discussions. We need to also make sure that it is not over or underpowered, and it actually will be viable and useful in-game, while also reflecting the character personality. As the game has evolved, we"ve also developed our character skill system to help build characters along with other game systems, optimization, and additions. Unlocking slots to equip other owned character skills to help create a more customized character and personalized experience. We"ve also introduced active skills to give even more control of your ability to survive tough situations in-game. These ultimately are designed to help you, as a player, to have more options and tailor your characters to your individual play-style. 


We have more exciting ideas in mind for future character skill developments, stay tuned to find out what they are! Oh, one more thing: there’s a new survivor joining Free Fire soon. Kapella will be ready to drop down in this upcoming patch, don’t forget to let us know what you think of her!


The Free Fire Development team