Clash Squad

Rank Season 6

New Season starts 04/15 17:00 SGT
"Clash Squad Season 6 is here! Rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item - The Golden M500!"

New Rank Season available from 04/15~06/10


Dynamic Store

Store Adjustment for Clash Squad
"In the previous season, we adjusted the Clash Squad Store so you guys can explore different weapons on different maps. This patch, we are trying to explore more variations of the Clash Squad store. In Season 6, there will be multiple sets of stores for Clash Squad. In every match, one store will be chosen for both teams for the entire match. After this change, we hope to see more strategic decisions made based on the store provided in each match. Let us know what you think!"

The following stores will be available in Clash Squad:
Store Alpha
Store Beta
Store Charlie
Store Delta
Store Mysterious (Casual Only)


New Map Available: Bermuda Remastered

Available in Clash Squad
"Enjoy Clashing in the Samurai Garden. You guys asked and we delivered."

Bermuda Remastered now available in Clash Squad (Casual and Rank).


MVP Display

Available in Clash Squad
"In this season, MVPs on both teams will be displayed at the end of each match. How many can you get? Let us know!"

MVP of each team will now be displayed in Clash Squad.


Weapon Attachments

Available in Clash Squad
"We understand that it is a hassle to drop or pick up weapons in Clash Squad. In this patch, all the weapons and their attachments will be permanently attached in Clash Squad so you no longer need to worry about picking up a weapon with no attachments."

Weapons and attachments are now permanently attached together in Clash Squad.


Dynamic Playzone

Final Playzone Adjustment for Clash Squad
"We"ve noticed that some players tend to move themselves to the center of each playzone and avoid any battles until the zone closes in Clash Squad. We are attempting to fix this issue by making each circle slightly different each round."

Now available in Clash Squad.



Character & Pets

Character System

Character System and UI rework
"It has been too long since we"ve made any changes to our Character System. This patch, we made some big changes to our Character System so it is a lot more user friendly. First, we made a brand new UI for the Character page. This should allow you guys to navigate, change, and upgrade your Characters swiftly. Next, we are removing all the costs for leveling up a Character. Once you have enough fragments, you will be able to level up instantly in the Character menu! We are also lowering the max level for Characters from 8 to 6 to ensure every time you level up your Character, the Character skill levels up as well. Lastly, Awakening Character Skills will now include the skill of the original Character so now you Characters can be truly awakened."

Brand new UI for the Character system.
Character max level reduced from 8->6
Awakening Character’s Skills will now have the effect of the original Character skill.
Upgrading Character levels will no longer cost any gold and diamonds.


New Character - Maro

New Caracter Available
"Introducing our new Character, Maro. The falconer will be a great Character to stay in distance and take down their enemies. Partner up with Moco to take down your enemies from range."

Falcon Fervor - Damage increases with distance, up to {5/7/10/14/19/25}%. Damage to marked enemies increases by {1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5}%


New Character - Xayne

New Caracter Available
"Introducing Xayne, a Xtreme Sports lover who thrives under intense conditions. Use her skill wisely to turn an unfavorable battle around in clutch situations."

Xtreme Encounter - Gets 80 HP temporarily, {40/50/61/73/86/100}% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. Lasts for 10s. Cooldown: {150/140/130/120/110/100}s.



Character Skill Adjustment
"We realized that Chrono"s performance has been too good compared to other active skills, especially when more and more Chronos are reaching the max level. We are going to tone this skill"s down a bit without changing the main function of this ability."

Time Turner:
- Force Field: 600 health
- Force Field Radius: 2-> 2.5
- Force Field Duration: 4/5/6/7/8/9-> 3/4/5/6/7/8
- Self Movement Speed: 15/18/21/24/27/30%-> 5/7/9/11/13/15%
- Teammate Movement Speed: REMOVED
- Cooldown: 40s-> 200/192/185/179/174/170s



Character Skill Rework
"Wukong was the first Character with an active skill in Free Fire. His skill is undoubtedly a bit outdated for the current playstyle. We are giving him a rework this patch so Wukong can take down his opponents during the ambush can quickly return to stealth after."

- Transform Duration: 10/11/12/13/14/15s
- [New] Firing the weapon will cancel Camouflage’s effect.
- [New] Taking down an enemy will reset the cooldown.
- Cooldown: 300/280/260/240/220/200



Character Skill Rework
"Rafael"s current skill is not optimal because it is hard to activate a skill just to stay silent in combts. Therefore, we are changing this skill into a passive so you guys no longer need to think about activating it before you want to take someone out silently."

Dead Silent:
- [New] Dead Silent is now a passive skill.
- [New] Silencing effect when using snipers and marksman rifles. Enemies hit and downed suffer {20/23/27/32/38/45}% faster HP loss.


Hayato "Firebrand"

Character Skill Rework
"As we"re combining Awakening skills with the original skills in this patch, it no longer makes sense to make Firebrand"s skill an active skill. We are changing this skill into a passive so it has better synergy with its original skill."

Art of Blades:
- [New] Art of Blades is now a passive skill.
- [New] Reduce frontal damage by {1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5%} for every 10% of max HP loss.



Character Stat Adjustment
"A124"s skill was meant to give her a super fast way to recover her HP but the speed of HP recovery is currently too slow to help you in battles. We are going to increase the speed of EP to HP conversion for A124 this patch to give her a little bit more sustainability in combat."

Thrill of Battle:
- Quickly convert 25/30/35/40/45/50 -> 20/26/33/41/50/60 EP into HP
- Conversion Speed: 5->4s
- Cooldown 90/80/75/70/65/60s -> 10s



Character Skill Rework
"As a professional racer, Misha"s current skill does not allow her to navigate inside her vehicle safely. We are going to give her skill a bit more strength so she can drive safely."

- Driving speed increased by 2/4/6/8/10/12% -> 5/6/8/11/15/20%
- Damage taken while in a vehicle decreased by 5/10/15/20/25/30% -> 5/8/12/17/23/30%
- [New] Misha is harder to be targeted at while driving.



Character Skill Adjustment
"Olivia"s skill does not bring her teammates back into combat status after using. We are giving this skill a bit more strength so saving your teammate in clutch situations can actually help you turn the fight around."

Healing Touch:
- Revived players will be revived with extra 6/12/18/24/30/40 -> 30/36/43/51/60/70 HP



Character Skill Adjustment
"Maxim"s skill is currently not fast enough to make a significant difference in combat. We are giving it a small buff to make it more viable in the current style of gameplay."

- Eating and using MedKits faster by 2/4/6/8/10/12% -> 15/18/22/27/33/40%



Battle Royale (Classic)

Vending Machine

Optimizations and Visibility Enhancement.
"Ever since we introduced the vending machine, it quickly became a core part of the Battle Royale gameplay. This patch, we are making some adjustments so it is easier for you guys to find and use the vending machine."

The Vending Machine’s location will now be visible on the map.
Playzone damage will nologner interrupt the vending machine.
The Vending Machine will be available on all the maps.


Revival Point

Now Available on All Maps
"We launched the Revival Point feature in Casual Mode previous patch and received pretty good feedback. We are glad that you guys are excited because your fallen teammates now have the opportunities to return to the battlefield. We will be making the revival point available on all the maps, let us know what you think!"

The Revival Point is now available on all maps.
Revive mechanism now available in Battle Royale - Casual.



Training Grounds

Boxing Ring

Available in The Training Grounds
"Are you ready for some 1v1 battles?"

Boxing Ring now available in the Training Grounds.



"We are also making some adjustments based on your feedback. Keep the feedback coming!"

Added rankings for the Target Arcade.
Players can now add each other as friends in the Social Zone.
Lowered weapon sound for the Social Zone.
Added battle stats in the Combat Zone.



Weapon and Balances

New Weapon - Kord

New Weapon Available in Battle Royale & Clash Squad
"Introducing the new weapon - Kord. The Kord is a LMG that can be used as an effective tool for surprising fire. Crouch down and fire to destroy all the players.""

Base Damage: 35
Rate of Fire: 0.21
Magazine: 80
Attachment Slot: Scope
Can crouch to activate Machinegun Mode.



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"Although the FAMAS has decent firepower, the three-round-burst mechanism makes it incredibly inconsistent against moving targets. We are making some adjustments to the FAMAS to make it more reliable in hitting moving targets."

Base Damage: 28 -> 30
Minimum Damage: 11-> 12
Burst Speed: +11%
Recoil Build Up: +20%



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"Even though we already gave the UMP a buff last patch it was still underperforming against other SMGs due to its high recoil. We are making some adjustments to its damage this patch to make sure your opponents will feel each shot you hit on them."

Base Damage: 24->25
Rate of Fire: -5%
Precise Shots: +1
Accuracy: +25%
Moving Accuracy: +13%
Movement Speed While Shooting: +21%


FF Knife

Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The FF Knife was designed to be used to finish off downed opponents quickly. However, the current damage is too low to perform the execution. We are increasing the damage of the FF Knife on downed enemies so it allows you to take down wounded opponents swiftly."

Damage to downed enemies +80.



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"Despite the high rate of fire, the MAG-7 is currently struggling against other shotguns. We are giving the MAG-7 a bit more power this patch to make it more competitive in the SG family."

Accuracy: +8%
Accuracy While Moving: +4%
Max Recoil: -14%



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The Vector Akimbo is no doubt the strongest weapon in Clash Squad right now. We are going to increase its recoil and reduce the effective range a bit to make other weapons more viable in the mid-to-close range."

Headshot Multiplier: 550%->400%
Effective range in Akimbo: -10%
Recoil in Akimbo: +10%
Max Recoil in Akimbo: +50%
Reload Speed: -25%
Removed the muzzle attachment slot.
Magazine Size: 30->25



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The M82 is currently a bit too strong as a lootable weapon due to its increased damage to Gloo Walls. We are tuning down the damage of the ballistic rounds in this patch so opponents hiding behind the gloo walls can have an opportunity to react against the M82B."

Ballistic Rounds: Extra damage to Vehicles, barrels, and Gloo Walls: 1->0.6
Damage multiplier to players behind Gloo Walls: 0.8 -> 0.6



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The M14 is currently in a weird spot because it is not as strong as a regular AR, and not as effective as the DMRs in long range. We"re giving it a small buff this patch to make it more viable."

Minimum Damage: 25->30



Stats Adjustment
"We are adding the grenade cooking mechanism to the flashbang as well to make this utility grenade easier to use. Use this wisely to take away any opportunities for your opponent to react!"

Players can now cook the Flashbang.
Flash Duration: 8->2.2


Smoke Grenade

Stats Adjustment
"The Smoke Grenade is currently really difficult to use because the smoke takes too long to bloom. We are increasing the speed of the smoke spreading and making the smoke grenade travel further so it can provide more viable strategically."

Increase the speed of smoke blooming.
Throw distance increased.
Now available in the Battle Royale Mode via airdrops.


Machine Gun Mode

Available for All Machine Guns
"Machine Guns large magazine size currently does not give them an advantage during suppressing fire because the slow rate of fire and recoil makes hitting enemies extremely inconsistent. This patch, the players will be able to activate the Machine Gun Mode by crouching to increase the fire output to their enemies."

Machine Gun Mode can be activated while crouching and proning.
Machine Gun Mode:

- M60: Rate of Fire: +28%
- M249: Damage +5
- Kord: Rate of Fire: +5%, 3 shots will be shot at once.




Loadout Menu

Brand New UI Rework
"We"re making big changes to the Loadout Menu this patch. The brand new UI will allow you to make sure you are using the right Loadout and Character Skills before you head into battle."

New loadout menu now available.


Heroic Emblem

Brand New Interface
"Introducing the Heroic Emblem, a new feature that tracks down all your achievements in every rank season. Start collecting them and show them off to your friends!"

Heroic Emblem now available.




- You can now sort your in-game backpack in ascending and descending order.
- Optimized the minimap display for all game modes.
- Players can now see others’ active skill while spectating.
- Players will now prioritize players who are alive when turning into a spectator.
- Optimized the damage display for DoT damages.
- Attempt to fix a bug where no damages are dealt on hit.
- Optimized the honk buttons on vehicles.
- Rank interface now supported in team lobby.
- Optimized the in-game HUD menu.
- Players can now report inappropriate behavior in world chat.
- The Emote, Pet Emote, Prone, Ping, and Legendary Costume button can now be hidden on the HUD menu.