Lone Wolf

New Mode - Lone Wolf

New mode coming soon
"Introducing Lone Wolf, a new gamemode on the new map Iron Cage. In this mode, you can play against another player in an intense, best of nine 1v1 battle to see who is the better player. Challenge yourself to survive in the Iron Cage!"

New Mode Available soon!
Are you ready for some 1v1 battles?



Clash Squad

Clash Squad - Rank Season 8

New Season starts 08/05 17:00 GMT+8
"Clash Squad Season 8 is here! Rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item - The Golden AN94!"

New Rank Season available from 08/05~09/29.


Item Request

New Feature Available in Casual and Ranked
"We understand that it has always been a pain to ask teammates for a weapon in Clash Squad. This patch, we are introducing a feature that allows you to request your team to purchase an item directly to your inventory."

Item Request available in Clash Squad.
Can I get an AWM?



Backpack Display now Available
"You guys asked and we delivered."

Players can now choose to display their backpacks in Clash Squad from the Vault.



Battle Royale


Rank Points Adjustment

Ranking Up Difficulty Adjustment
"Ever since we"ve introduced the revival system, we realized that ranking up has been a bit more difficult than before due to opponents returning into battle after death. We"re adjusting the points calculation in the Battle Royale to make sure the ranking up experience is easier than before."

Increased the total rank points output in the Battle Royale.


FF Tokens

Optimized HUD Display
"We"ve received feedback that it is hard to keep track of your FF Tokens while playing in-game. We added an HUD in the backpack menu so you no longer need to browse through your backpack to see how many tokens you"ve got."

Added token count display inside the backpack menu.



Training Grounds

Grenade Range

New Feature Available
"We received really good feedback from the players after we introduced the gloo wall training zone in the Training Grounds. We"re continuing to expand these training features so players can have an area to practice their basic mechanics with utility grenades in the Training Grounds."

Grenade Range now available in the Training Grounds.



Character and Pets


New - Dimitri

New Character Available Soon
"Dimitri will be our new character joining Free Fire in this patch. With his active skill - Healing Heartbeat, Dimitri can assist his downed teammates to recover themselves while providing cover by staying in battle."

Healing Heartbeat [Active] - Creates a 3.5m healing zone. Inside, users and allies recover 3HP/s. When downed, users and allies can self-recover to get up. Lasts for 10/11/12/13/14/15s, CD 85/80/75/70/65/60s.



New - Thiva

New Character Available Soon
"Introducing Thiva, a newcomer who can help recover fallen teammates rapidly in battle. With his passive skill, Vital Vibes, he can greatly reduce the time it takes to help-up his teammates in dangerous situations."

Vital Vibes - Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 5/8/11/14/17/20%. Upon a successful rescue, user recovers 15/20/25/30/35/40 HP in 5s.



Character Skill Rework
"It is currently a bit difficult to activate Jota"s skill because taking down a downed enemy usually exposes himself to danger. We"re giving the skill a rework in this patch so players can have a smoother time using Jota on the battlefield."

Sustained Raids - When using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user, knocking down an enemy recovers 10/12/14/16/18/20% maximum HP for the user.




Character Stats Adjustment
"Luqueta"s Hat Trick currently does not offer enough HP for players to take the risk of taking down enemies. We"re giving this skill a small adjustment so players get slightly more HP when the Hat Trick is used."

Hat Trick - Every kill increases the max HP by 8/10/12/14/16/18 -> 10/13/16/19/22/25, up to 35 -> 50.




Character Stats Adjustment
"Gear Recycle currently takes a bit too long to charge up so players find it more efficient to pick up a new set of armor directly. We"re giving this skill an adjustment so players can upgrade and repair their armor without picking up a new one."

Gear Recycle - Restore 10/12/14/16/18/20-> 10/12/15/19/24/30% armor durability after every kill. Extra durability can upgrade your armor, up to level 3.




Character Stats Adjustment
"Alvaro has been underused in the current meta because the damage increase from Art of Demolition was not effective enough in terms of reducing players" room of error when throwing the grenade. We"re giving his skill a small buff in this patch to make it slightly more explosive."

Art of Demolition - Explosive weapon damage increases by 6/8/10/12/14/16% -> 10/12/14/16/18/20%.



New Pet - Sensei Tig

New Pet Available Soon
"You can"t see me."

Nimble Ninja - Reduces the duration of enemies" man-marking skills.



Weapon and Balance

New Weapon - AC80

New Weapon Available
"Introducing the AC80, a new marksman rifle available in Clash Squad and Battle Royale. With its Piercing Shots, the AC80 can easily take down enemies equipped with heavy armors."

Base Damage: 50
Rate of Fire: 0.45
Magazine: 10
Attachments: Muzzle, Grip, Stock
Piercing Shots - every second damage dealt with the AC80 will deal extra damage


M4A1 (X/Y/Z)

Weapon Upgrade Available
"In this patch, we"re adding 3 additional modifications of the M4A1 in-game. Players can pick up or purchase the M4 Chip to upgrade their M4A1 into the X, Y, or Z version."

M4A1 can now be upgraded by using the M4 Chip.



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The UZI is currently underperforming compared to other secondary weapons due to its small magazine size, leaving it little room for error. We"re giving its stats a small buff to make sure it can be more reliable in close range."

Minimum Damage: +8%
Magazine: +2
Effective Range: +10%



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The XM8 is currently a bit weaker than other ARs due to its lower damage and non-adjustable scope. We"re giving it some power in this patch to bring the XM8 into the AR mix."

Rate of Fire: +10%
Recoil: +5%



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The SPAS12 is no doubt one of the weaker shotguns in the game right now. We"re giving it more attachment slots this patch to make sure that it can be viable in more situations."

Added Muzzle and Scope attachment slot.
Range: +15%



Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The Vector is currently too difficult to be used due to its extremely short effective range. We"re giving it a bit more mobility this patch to make sure players can close distance with their enemies in the Akimbo mode."

Range: +5%
Movement Speed: +10%




Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The M1887 is too strong in all categories at this moment since it does not require any attachments. We"re taking some of its power away to make sure weapons with attachment slots can be used to counter the M1887 when they"re fully geared."

Armor Penetration: -6%
Range: -8%
Rate of Fire: -5%



Special Attachments

New Attachments Available in Battle Royale
"Introducing Special Attachments, which can only be equipped on selected types of weapons. With these new attachments, you can customize your weapons more strategically based on the situation and your team composition."

Shotgun Muzzle - +1 bullet in each shotgun shell fired.
SMG Muzzle - Minimum damage range+1, range+1, every third shot will deal 1.2x damage.
AR Magazine - Rate of fire increase, magazine size -15%.



SMGs with "Muzzle" Attachment Slots

Weapon Stats Adjustment
"We"re adjusting some stats of the SMGs with the Muzzle Attachment Slots as we change the stats of the attachments. Overall, players will find SMGs more reliable in the early game when no attachments are equipped."

Effective Range Increase for the MP40, P90, Thompson, Vector, and MP5..



Muzzle Attachment

Attachment Stats Adjustment
"We"re reducing the effective range provided by the Muzzle Attachments as currently it provides too much power for weapons with no Muzzle Attachment slots available."

Reduced the effective range provided by Muzzles on the SGs and SMGs.



Double Magazine

Weapon Stats Adjustment
"With the adjustment to level 1~3 magazines last patch, the Double Magazine currently provides too much ammo compared to other magazines. We"re reducing the size of the Double Magazine to make it more consistent with other attachments."

Magazine Size: +60%->+40%.



Decoy Grenade

Item Rework
"Decoy Grenades have been extremely underused right now because they do not provide any strategic advantages for the user as the dummy can be spotted out easily. We"re giving the Decoy Grenade a rework in this patch so it can actually distract enemies."

Decoy Grenades will now generate noise and be revealed on the mini map after being deployed.



Gameplay and System


Lobby Rework

UI and UE update
"It is long overdue since we"ve made an update to our lobby design. In this patch, we"re giving our lobby a new look! We have relocated a few functions and increased the overall size of all the buttons in the lobby so it is easier for everyone to find and click on them. Let us know what you guys think!"

New lobby available!


Drag to Sprint

New Running Mechanism
"We"ve received feedback that some players prefer to drag their joysticks to sprint instead of pressing the sprint button. We"re adding this option to the settings menu for players who are more used to this type of controls."

Drag to Sprint option available in the settings menu.


Fire Pass Missions

Activity and Fire Pass Missions Adjustment
"We"re retiring the activity missions menu and moving the rewards into the Fire Pass Missions so players can have access to all the missions in the same menu."

Activity missions and rewards will now be combined into the Fire Pass Missions menu.



Optimization and Bug Fixes

 - Likes received at the end of the match will now be shown at the match results page.
 - Changed the model of the SMG ammo so it matches its icon.
 - Fixed a bug where the "waiting for players" message in Clash Squad remains even after both teams are filled.
 - Players will now hide teammates’ pets when hiding their own pets.
 - Ammo types that cannot be used will now be shown in the inventory.
 - Reduced the transparency of the bomb in "Bomb Squad".
 - Removed the advanced attachments UI from the map.
 - Added a notification sound when the team captain starts matchmaking.
 - Optimized Multi-kill announcements.
 - Air Hammers can no longer be brought into the Combat Zone in the Training Grounds.
 - Added a queue for the 1v1 ring in the Training Grounds.
 - Added a name for each Clash Squad weapon shop.
 - Clash Squad now supports simplified killfeed.
 - Deadly Velocity will no longer have a pop up message when activated.
 - Battle Style Badge collected after the match will now be shown on the match summary page.