Dev Blog: Character System and Progression Adjustment


Hey Survivors,

In today’s dev blog, we’ll be continuing our discussion on Free Fire’s character system and give some sneak peek on what you can expect in the upcoming patch.

Leveling up each of your characters has been challenging for our players. This task is made even harder by the increasing amount of characters. The burden on progressing all your characters has been increasing at a faster rate than players are able to keep up with, so we came up with a few adjustments that will lower this burden and make character leveling easier.

First, let’s discuss the adjustments made on character fragments. We are reducing the total amount of fragments needed to reach the max level by around 20%. We decided to cut down the fragments needed in the higher levels because we found out that a lot of players get stuck on level 6~7 due to the sudden increase of fragments needed in the later levels.

Next, the number of fragments dropped per match will be increased by 3~4 times. In addition, we’re increasing the daily limit for character fragments from 100 fragments per character to 250 fragments. Players should now be able to reliably level up their characters through playing the game and investing enough time into their favorite characters.

Next, let’s talk about leveling costs. We will be lowering the gold and diamond costs to level up characters by nearly half. You will now have more of your savings to spend on your other favorite items and necessities such as loadouts.

Lastly, we are doing two changes to character skill slots. We are adding a 4th character skill slot, while also lowering the cost needed to unlock each slot. This should make it easier for you to experiment with your favorite skills on a wider variety of characters. This also makes it less likely for players to be locked into a single character as their base character due to the investment of skill slots.

This is it for this time. For the full details of the character adjustments, please stay tuned for our patch note in December. In the meantime, feel free to use the hashtag #AskFFDev for any questions and suggestions related to Free Fire.

GM Andrew