Celebrate the peak of Booyah Day with the release of a new music video, time-limited game mode, and many exciting rewards

More rewards and surprises await players as Booyah Day 2022 culminates this weekend on 22 October! Fans and players can look forward to an all-new music video featuring popular Free Fire characters, a new game mode, as well as special login and various milestone rewards.

Launch of new music video and time-limited mode 

Fans and players looking for a battle hymn this Booyah Day will be thrilled by the release of a new music video, titled Feel The Fire, on 22 October. To further drive home the message of unlocking one’s potential and self-discovery, the video will see Free Fire favourites Kelly, Tatsuya, and Kapella fight through their personal struggles to achieve success. 

Fans can look forward to the release of ‘Feel The Fire’ music video on 22 October

A new time-limited mode, called the Coin Clash mode, will also be available for players to enjoy the pinnacle of Booyah Day. It is a condensed version of the traditional Free Fire battle royale experience, and players will spawn into the map with some items already equipped. To emerge victorious, players have to collect coins from ground loot or eliminated enemies to purchase stronger equipment at Airdrop Vending Machines. Partakers of the Coin Clash mode will be rewarded with a limited-edition Grenade - Crimson Blow. 

Other attractive prizes that await players on 22 October include an exclusive login reward and milestone rewards to be won!

Unlock your potential to earn exciting rewards 

Leading up to the peak of Booyah Day, players will be treated to a whole new look and feel with in-game reskins of Spawn Island, Social Island, and Lobby. 

Additionally, players will get to explore the special Booyah Day interface as they work to unlock their potential in five abilities — Assault, Range, Technique, Exploration, and Teamwork. With each completed task, players will obtain stars that contribute towards earning progress rewards which include a gun skin, surfboard, sports car, loot box and more. Ranking rewards are also up for grabs based on performance within friend leaderboards and the weekend pool list. 

From now till 27 October, players also stand the chance to be featured on the Booyah Leaderboard and win interesting rewards such as a sickle, pan, and pet food. Based on players’ ingame match performance, Booyah Leaderboard will be divided into five different ranks, with the higher ranked receiving greater rewards.

Find Your Personal Style this Booyah Day

This Booyah Day, players can look forward to exploring their personal styles across different fashion in-game events. Since 12 October, fans and players were able to express their unique styles with Free Fire’s first in-game Trend+ brand –  Potential. 

Free Fire’s first ever Trend+ brand, Potential

Potential was created to embody this year’s Booyah Day message of embracing each player’s journey rather than the destination, and learning more about themselves along the way. A brand that started out as an underdog in the fashion industry, Potential’s rise to fame is an inspirational story for all players. Continuing to inspire players all over the world, the brand now seeks to incorporate its journey to success into its clothing, empowering players to unleash their potential in style. 

Concurrently, players are free to design their own magazine covers for selected avatars using a wide variety of stickers, backgrounds, filters and costumes, through My FF Style web event. Items from the FF CO-LAB: Booyah Creators collection can also be redeemed using tokens earned from completing daily missions. This web event, which runs throughout the whole of October, rewards participating players with a limited-edition Free Fire bat. Players are also encouraged to showcase their unique My FF Style content in-game or on social media, as well as interact with other players’ custom designs.

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