Zombie Hunt

One last round before I go to bed!

“Back by popular demand: the zombie mode! In this patch, wield your guns and wipe out the overwhelming waves of gruesome monsters. With every stage you pass, you will get a powerful buff, which can be combined with other buffs to make a golden combo. You can also earn Talent Points after each fight and use them to enhance your Talents for a more permanent combat strengthening. Now call up your friends to defeat the final zombie boss!”

Mode highlights:

 - 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard. You must first pass the current difficulty before proceeding to the next.

 - Team: Squad by default. Pass the Hard stage to unlock the solo mode.

 - Winning condition: Pass the 6 stages and defeat the final boss.

 - Revival mechanism: Revive a few moments after being eliminated as long as you have at least one surviving teammate.

 - Random buffs: Select a buff after passing each stage.

 - Talents: Earn Talent Points in matches and use them to enhance your Talents from the lobby. Talents are permanent combat boosts.

Available on 11/16/2022.

Football Squad Mode


“We’re sure you’ve noticed the football pitch on the Social Island! This patch, we are thrilled to roll out a 4v4 football mode where you can enjoy a friendly rivalry on the grassy field!”

Mode highlights:

 - Team: 4v4.

 - Winning condition: Shoot as many goals as possible within the time limit.

 - Positions: Choose to play as a striker (with Tatsuya’s Rebel Rush skill) or a defender (with Chrono’s Time Turner skill).

 - Random booster items: Randomly obtain a Gloo Wall or Flash Freeze during the match to assist you.

Available on 12/02/2022.

Football Fire - Social Island

Sunshine, greenery, football, and us.

“The football gameplay on the Social Island will finally be available in this patch! Unlike other entertainments on the island, this mode adds friendly competition to the casual vibe. If you’re tired of gunfights, make sure to come here and shoot some goals!”

Mode highlights:

 - Offense type: Use the Football Shooter to shoot at the ball and score goals.

 - Winning team: The side that scores more goals.

 - Duration: 6 minutes.

Available on 11/16/2022.

Bomb Squad 5v5

Upgraded mechanisms.

“We are super excited to unveil the revamped Bomb Squad 5v5 mode! Notable changes include disabled knockdowns, all-player bomb detonation, and a faster game pace. In this nerve-wracking war of strategy, every move you make will determine your and your team’s fate. Whether it is engaging in face-to-face combat or having one person secretly detonate the bomb while the others distract the opponents, there are numerous tactics for you to battle in your own style!”

Optimization highlights:

 - Spawn point: A much bigger spawn area to enable more movement freedom during offense/defense strategy comms.

 - Bomb detonation: Every player on the Offense team will carry a bomb and any of them could detonate it.

 - Canceled knockdowns: Eliminated players can no longer be helped up.

 - El Pastelo map changes: Gas station platform at point B lowered and front gate widened.

 - Bomb Squad 5v5 Cup: Participate in this championship during the FFWS period.

Clash Squad

Game Pacing Adjustments

Faster brawls.

“By shortening the shrinking time of the first Safe Zone, we have hastened the pacing of Clash Squad. You no longer need to wait it out behind a cover for your enemies to show themselves. Enjoy the continuous fight!”

 - Zone starts to shrink earlier: 25th second → 20th second.

 - Zone finishes shrinking earlier: 90th second → 70th second.

Extra Ammo

Get extra ammo in your backpack when the purchasing phase ends.

“Ever had a generous teammate give you an M1887 but without ammo? This will never happen again.”

When the purchasing phase ends, receive back-up ammo for your equipped weapons.

CS Store Cost Adjustments

Better balance, better battles.

“We have been continuously finding ways to optimize the CS Store. In this patch, we increased the price of acquiring level 3 upgradable weapons considering their significant performance boosts. On the other hand, we reduced the price of the M4A1 and the FAMAS, as they fare less well when they’re not upgraded. Finally, we also made it more costly to purchase Grenades, as the value they bring does not match their current price.”

 - Upgrade to level 3: 800 → 1000.

 - M4A1 and FAMAS: 1100 → 1000.

 - Grenade: 200 → 300. Carrying limit: 2→ 1.


Battle Royale

Defense Airdrop

A new type of airdrop.

“Are you an attention hog? Other than the Hit List, you now have another exciting option to attract enemies: the Defense Airdrop. Capture the structure to earn valuable loot. Of course, you will become an easy target for your enemies, who may likely want to eliminate you and seize your treasure. Give the Defense Airdrop a try, and may you defeat every enemy along the way!” 

 - Unlock rare airdrop loot by staying within the defense area and accumulating progress.

 - There are 3 defense stages in total. Every stage unlocked will earn you a reward.

 - Capture the airdrop for longer to unlock better loot.

 - Defense progress is displayed on every player’s minimap, so be wary of becoming a prey.

Game Pacing Adjustments

Faster zone shrinks.

“Do you often feel bored after looting all the best equipment but with no enemies to fight? We adjusted the earlier and middle stages of Battle Royale matches so that your goal is much clearer: eliminate your enemies and Booyah!”

Battle Royale Multiplayer (excluding NeXTerra):

 - 1st zone appearance: 110th second → 50th second.

 - 1st zone shrink: 200th second → 130th second.

 - 1st Safe Zone size: 550m → 600m.

 - 2nd zone appearance: 410 second → 360th second.

 - 2nd zone shrink: 500th second → 420th second.

 - 2nd Safe Zone size: 300m → 320m.

 - 3rd zone appearance:  620th second → 520th second.

 - 3rd zone shrink: 695th second → 580th second.

 - 4th zone appearance:  770th second → 655th second.

 - 4th zone shrink: 830th second → 705th second.

 - 5th zone appearance:  890th second → 765th second.

 - 5th zone shrink: 935th second → 800th second.

 - 6th zone appearance:  980th second → 845th second.

 - 6th zone shrink: 1010th second → 875th second.

Battle Royale Multiplayer (NeXTerra):

 - 1st zone appearance: 110th second → 50th second.

Battle Royale Solo:

 - 1st zone appearance: 90th second → 50th second.

Other Battle Royale Mode Adjustments

 - 1st airdrop appearance: 220th second → 120th second.

 - 1st Airdrop Vending Machine appearance: 500th second → 360th second.

 - Revival Point closing time: 620th second → 520th second.

 - Revival duration required at Revival Points: 33s → 25s.

 - Revival Point cooldown: 180s → 120s.

 - M82B drop rate increased by 1%.

 - Lv. 1 Backpack drop rate reduced by 40%.

 - Lv. 2 Backpack drop rate increased by 80%.

 - Lv. 3 Backpack drop rate increased by 2%.

 - Lv. 3 Helmet and Vest drop rates increased by 1%.

 - Machine gun ammo vicinity drop: 1 stack → 2 stacks.

 - SMG ammo vicinity drop: 1 stack → 1-2 stacks.

 - New item drop: Launch Pad. Available through Secret Clues, airdrops, and Defense Airdrops.

 - New weapon drop: Trogon.

 - New M1014-I and M1014-III drop.



New Lone Wolf Map - Ice Ground

Ready for a chilly challenge?

“An entirely new fighting pit for Lone Wolf mode will be unveiled in this patch! We designed a frozen minefield arena with ice and shiny minerals so that you could send chills down your enemy’s spine in this snowy scenery.”

Ice Ground: New Lone Wolf map will roll out in this patch.


Character & Pet

Skill Balancing Adjustments


Increased EP conversion, decreased EP recovery.

“We learned that K is now truly the “master of all” modes in Free Fire, given his recovery abilities and perfect skill combo with J.Biebs. This patch, we slowed down his own EP recovery and enhanced his team’s EP conversion rate with the intention of keeping his place as the Master of All.”

Master of All:

Max EP increases by 50 → 20. Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6m get 500% → 300%/350%/400%/450%/500%/600% increase in EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Recover 3 EP every 2.2/2/1.8/1.6/1.4/1 → 2s, up to 100/110/120/130/140/150 → 120/140/160/180/200/220 EP. Mode Switch CS 3s.


Narrowed the scan range.

“The beauty of team modes is hiding smartly while locating enemies to attack. Clu has truly made it easier to spot enemies, making matches a lot less challenging. We reduced the scanning range of Tracing Steps so that everybody can experience the excitement and thrill of team modes.”

Tracing Steps:

Locates the positions of enemies who are within 50/55/60/65/70/75 → 65m and are not in prone or squat position. Lasts for 5/6/7/8/9/10s. Cooldown: 75/70/65/60/55/50s. Enemy positions are shared with teammates.


More likely to trigger weapon enhancement effects.

“To many, Nikita may not have lived up to her title as the Firearms Expert. Therefore, we made it easier for her to remodel her gun and trigger the SMG damage boost effects during matches. If your go-to weapons are SMGs, be sure to give her another chance!”

Firearms Expert:

Reload speed increases by 14/16/18/20/22/24 → 20%. The final 10 → 10/11/12/13/14/15 bullets of user’s SMG will cause 15/18/21/24/27/30% more damage.

New Pet - Arvon

He sees everything.

“As we enter the season of the FFWS, we all yearn for a chance to flaunt our skills on the FFWS stage in Bangkok. Arvon provides an ideal pair of binoculars that can detect the number of enemies in the vicinity. Use this skill to devise your strategy like the pros at the FFWS!”


Detect the number of enemies in an area of 50m radius, no matter what position they are in. Lasts for 3/4/6s. Results are shared with teammates. Max usage per match: 1/2/3.


Weapon and Balance

New Weapon: Trogon

Switch between a Shotgun and a Grenade Launcher.

“Want to wield a shotgun but also need something with a further range? If yes, then the Trogon is your best bet! Use the Shotgun mode in close combat and the Grenade Launcher mode when at a distance. This new gun has got you covered for all kinds of scenarios!”

Weapon mechanism:

 - Shotgun mode: A 3-burst firing power suitable for close combat.

     - Damage: 26

     - Range: 15

 - Grenade Launcher mode: Shoot out a grenade. Suitable for mid-to-long distance combat.

     - Damage: 100

     - Range: 20

New Item - Launch Pad

Extremely useful for traveling in Battle Royale mode.

“How many times have you missed the Safe Zone by a shy of a few steps and ended up getting eliminated? Now, you can use the Launch Pad to project yourself forward during such dire situations!”


 - Method of use: Place the item on the ground and tap “use” to adjust the projection direction. The project button will also display your remaining number of uses.

 - Duration: 120s.

 - Available uses: 4 times.

Weapon Balance Adjustments

“On top of regular weapon adjustments, we made significant changes to certain upgradable weapons. For instance, the Kar98K-I and VSS-I performed a lot better than their peers. For a better balance, we made adjustments to their upgraded powers.”


 - AN94: Rate of fire +5%, range + 6%.


 - MAC10: Accuracy +5%.

 - Thompson: Accuracy when moving +10%, movement speed while shooting +10%.

 - VSS-I: No longer inflicts damage continuously.

 - VSS-II: No longer inflicts damage continuously.


 - M500: Headshot effective range -20%, damage +10%.

 - Desert Eagle: Headshot effective range -20%, rate of fire +5%.

Marksman Rifle: 

 - Woodpecker: Damage effective range +10%.

 - AC80: Damage effective range -10%.


 - Kar98k-I: Removed its biotech scope.

 - Kar98k-II: Removed its biotech scope.


 - Lone Wolf mode: FF Knife can inflict 999 damage and the available amount is increased to 10.

Other Weapon Adjustments

New upgradable weapon: M1014.

“It’s finally here! The first ever upgradable shotgun!”

Upgraded effects:

 - M1014-I: accuracy +15%, range +15%

 - M1014-II: accuracy +20%, range +15%

 - M1014-III: accuracy +30%, range +15%

Upgraded Katana Wielding.

“The Katana will now have its unique wielding actions. Get a taste of being a samurai!”

Treatment Laser Gun: Easier viewing.

“To help you guys better see your teammates when using the Treatment Laser Gun, we added a halo around the teammate that you’re healing on the other side of a barrier.”



Loadout Upgrades

Battle Royale Loadout changes.

“Previously, boosts from Battle Royale Loadouts were rather small, mostly limiting to recovery items and FF Coins, and did not offer much to the battle. In the new patch, we enhanced the entire system to give you guys more strategic possibilities.”

Battle Royale Loadouts:

 - You can only carry 1 type of Loadout every match.

 - Bonfire: Get 3 Bonfires at the start of the match.

     - Recovers 25 HP per second.

     - Recovers 20 EP per second.

     - Lasts for 10s.

 - Supply Crate: Get 200 FF Coins, an AK47, and 30 AR Ammo when you are revived.

 - Armor Crate: Obtain a Lv. 2 Vest, a Lv. 2 Helmet, 2 Repair Kits, and 200 FF Coins at the start of the match.

 - Leg Pockets: 100 additional backpack capacity.

 - Scan: Reveals nearby enemies when parachuting and continues to scan for 10s after landing.

 - Airdrop Aid: Summon an airdrop.

 - Secret Clue: After using the Secret Clue during the parachuting stage, the map will display the location of the resupply point, where you can get a Grappling Hook Gun, Launch Pad, and 600 FF Coins.

 - Bounty Token: After using the Bounty Token during the parachuting stage, your first elimination will earn you 400 FF Coins, a random attachment, and a Lv. 1 upgradable weapon.

Clash Squad Loadout changes.

“And of course, Clash Squad mustn’t miss out on the exciting Loadout upgrade! You can now use Loadouts in Clash Squad mode to help you and your teammates earn that Booyah!”

Clash Squad Loadouts:

 - You can only carry 1 type of Loadout every match.

 - Bonfire: Get 3 Bonfires at the start of the match.

     - Recovers 25 HP per second.

     - Recovers 20 EP per second.

     - Lasts for 10s.

 - Supply Crate: Get items at the beginning of each of the following rounds.

     - Round 1: Katana.

     - Round 2: Super Med.

     - Round 3: Gloo Wall x2.

     - Round 4: Upgradable chip.

     - Round 5: Flash Freeze, Grenade, and Gloo Wall.

     - Round 6: Bonfire.

     - Round 7: Vest Enlarger.

 - Armor Crate: Restores 60% Vest and Helmet durability at the beginning of each round.

 - Leg Pockets: Carry/purchase 2 more Gloo Walls.

 - Scan: Marks all enemies for 3s when the first Safe Zone of the round starts to shrink. Results are not shared with teammates.

 - Airdrop Aid: Get extra 300 Cash from the airdrop.

 - Bounty Token: Choose whether to use it at the start of each round. Gain 300 extra CS Cash for each enemy eliminated during the first 90s of the round. Bounty Tokens can be used for one round in a match.

 - Secret Clue: Enables you to unlock the Store's Secret Bazaar, where you can purchase buffs:

     - 500 Cash: Everyone on the team recovers to their max. EP.

     - 600 Cash: Everyone on the team recovers 5 EP per second.

     - 400 Cash: Everyone on the team gets a Med Kit.

     - 2000 Cash: 20% movement speed boost for the entire team during the first 10s.

New Minimap

A crucial Booyah tool.

“The map is one of the most commonly used in-game features. However, when viewing the map, your visuals are hindered and therefore you’re unable to perform other actions when using the map. The new minimap will now be placed on the right side of the screen so that you can perform other operations while viewing the map.”

 - Tap the minimap to place it on the right side of the screen.

 - When using the minimap, you can still see what’s going on in the fighting pit.

 - To close, tap the minimap again or tap the cross in the top right corner.

 - New function: pin/unpin your current location.

 - The minimap automatically closes when you open your backpack.

 - You can move or use Med Kits while viewing the minimap.

 - The airplane route is visible to all players during the parachuting phase.

 - Adjust what you want displayed on the map, such as Revival Points and Vending Machines.

New Crosshair

Better crosshair, better aim.

“There are numerous types of weapons in Free Fire but they all have the same crosshair. In this patch, we are differentiating the crosshairs for different weapons, including shotguns and treatment guns. Additionally, we added new aim and hit feedback for a more immersive shooting experience.”

 - The following weapons will have exclusive crosshairs:

     - Melees

     - Shotguns

     - Rifles

     - Marksman Rifles

     - Treatment guns

     - Grenade Launcher

 - Reload duration display.

 - New hit visual effect.

 - New knockdown visual effect.

(All features above can be configured from the settings menu.)

 - Crosshair color when aiming:

     - Green: Healing a teammate.

     - Red: Aiming at an enemy.

     - Orange: Aiming at a destroyable object, such as Gloo Wall or a destroyable cover.


Rank System Optimizations

Clash Squad Matchmaking Logic Optimization

Fairer matchmaking logic.

“Hate having a low-rank stranger join your game when there aren't enough players to start a match? We alleviated the issue with optimizations!”

When there are insufficient players at the start of a Clash Squad match, only players of a similar rank will be added.

Rank Interface Optimization

A sleeker interface for ranked modes.

“Frequently forget to claim your Season Kickoff rewards? Those days are over!”

 - Automatically claim Season Kickoff rewards after 3 matches.

 - Easier button access to ranked match statistics.

 - Collapse the leaderboard by tapping an empty space.

 - Optimized the item sorting at the Exchange Store.

 - Added tips on the Protection Points icon.

Clash Squad Protection Points Optimization

Get Protection Points for a rank gap.

“Daunted by a high-rank player on the opposing team? Worried about losing a star because of this? Now, we are issuing Protection Points to the lower-rank players for a match with a rank gap. Be bold and rise to the challenge!”

Rank gap is now considered in the Clash Squad Protection Points. Players on the defeated team will receive extra Protection Points if there is a rank gap.



Weapon Mastery

Hard work does pay off!

“Your favorite weapon deserves a permanent skin! In the Weapon Mastery system, you can earn a permanent skin for a particular gun by using it in your Battle Royale or Clash Squad battles to eliminate, inflict damage, and headshot. Treatment guns also consider healing stats as a part of the road to mastery.”

Overall mechanism:

 - Enter from Lobby > Armory > Weapon Mastery

 - Includes all weapons except melees, grenades, and the Ice Gun.

 - Automatically sorts according to mastery stages in descending order. Stick your preferred weapon to the top by tapping the star on the right-hand side of the weapon name.

Mastery stages:

 - 5 stages: Amateur, Trained, Experienced, Advanced, and Pro.

 - After attaining “Pro” for a particular weapon, the page will display a dazzling special effect to celebrate your glorious achievement.

 - Accumulate progress and proceed to the next stage by eliminating, inflicting damage, headshot, and healing in Battle Royale or Clash Squad modes (excluding custom rooms).

Mastery rewards:

 - Trained: Obtain a rare gun skin for that weapon (7 days).

 - Experienced: Obtain 2 Weapon Royale Vouchers.

 - Advanced: Obtain a rare gun skin for that weapon (permanent).

 - Pro: Mystery reward. Unveils in the following patch!

Easier Character Growth

Significantly reduced the cost of unlocking a skill slot and character fragment requirements.

“Yay for free characters but nay for high level-up costs? Worry no more! This patch, we made huge adjustments to make it easier for you to have a strong character and skill portfolio.”

Character level-up cost adjustments:



Skill Level



Price (Diamond)Price (Gold)


Skill Level



Price (Diamond)Price (Gold)
Lv.1 → Lv.2100301,250Lv.1 →  Lv.2100201,000
Lv.2 →  Lv.34001205,000Lv.2 →  Lv.3300603,000
Lv.3 →  Lv.41,00030012,500Lv.3 →  Lv.46001206,000
Lv.4 →  Lv.52,00060025,000Lv.4 →  Lv.51,00020010,000
Lv.5 →  Lv.64,0001,20050,000Lv.5 →  Lv.61,80036018,000

Skill slot cost adjustments:

Slot No.Price (Diamond)Price (Gold)Slot No.Price (Diamond)Price (Gold)
1st Slot402,0001st Slot5250
2nd Slot753,7502nd Slot10500
3rd Slot1256,2503rd Slot201,000


LINK System Optimizations

Reminders and character recommendations.

“Undoubtedly, LINK has been extremely useful in acquiring new characters. However, we learned that many of you often forget to LINK a new character after successfully obtaining the previous one or have difficulty choosing which character to LINK. We made optimizations for this patch to tackle these issues.”

New and more obvious reminders:

 - More eye-catching reminders on the LINK icon when there is a character to claim/LINK.

 - On the character skills page, display LINK buttons for LINK characters that you do not yet own (time-limited ownership counts as owned).

Character recommendation:

 - Added a “New” tag for LINK characters that have been recently added.

 - Added a “Hot” tag for characters that are popular in the LINK system.

Game Environment

For a fairer gaming experience.
“Be better informed about your reports. We will protect the innocent and punish the cheaters.”

 - Game Security Center: Check out our policies against hackers and view your successful reports on cheaters.

 - Updated the rank protection system to protect you from teammates' improper behavior.

 - Report feedback enhancement: Prompt feedback for your reports.

Friends List Optimization

Invite your friends for a thrilling match of Free Fire!

“Raise your hand if this was ever you: You’re dying to play with your friend who’s currently in a game, so you wait until they’re done but don’t know exactly how long they’ll be finished. In this patch, we added your friends’ match info to your friends list so that you’d know their progress and can decide whether or not to wait around.”

New match information on friends list:

 - Map.

 - Mode.

 - Play time.

Enhanced “Ready” Button

Just get “ready” already!

“Don’t we all hate when that one teammate forgets to tap the “ready” button? We now enhanced the ready reminders so that they can feel your urgency: GET READY NOW!”

Reminders include:

 - Text prompt at the center of the player’s screen.

 - Sound effects.

 - Visual effects on the ready button that prompts tapping.

 - Device vibration. (This can be turned off from the settings menu).


Sound Effects Optimization

Upgraded Sound Effects for Firing and Explosion

There’s more to just the damage power of a gun. How it sounds matters too.

“We adjusted the firing volume of all weapons so that their sounds match the damage they cause.”

The weapons below have undergone enhanced volume changes:

 - VSS

 - AUG

 - AR15

 - Thompson

 - Kord

 - Handcannon

 - Grenade

The weapons below have undergone reduced volume changes:

 - M14


 - AK47

Upgraded Sound Effects for Items

“Aside from weapons, items are also crucial to Free Fire’s gameplay. Therefore, we optimized the sound effects of the items below so that your battle experience will be more immersive.”

 - Dice

 - UAV

 - Wooden Crate Disguise

 - Landmine

 - Jet Pack Shoes

 - Jumping Shoes

 - Mini Turrets

 - Electric Surfboard

 - Fireworks

Other Sound Effects Upgrade

 - Parachutes and Skywings.

 - Lobby page interactions.

 - Environment noise while in matches.


Other Adjustments

 - When pinning an item, players can see the item name from the team chat.

 - Players can now pin items in the War Chest by pressing and holding the pin button.

 - Teammates’ active skills are now visible when spectating.

 - Free look camera perspective is now available when swimming.

 - New assist types available, including scanning, marking, and blocking enemies.

 - New information icon available in CS Store to display weapon details.

 - All knockdown icons will be yellow and all elimination icons will be red.

 - The “Custom HUD” button is now more eye-catching for easier access.

 - New quick share feature after taking a screenshot.

 - Added the thumbs-up feature on the MVP announcement page.

 - Minimum fall damage height: 4m → 6m.

 - Reduced the overall fall damage.

 - Highest fall damage reduction: 190 → 150.

 - NeXTerra has been added to the Free Fire Max client.



Room Matchmaking

Rooms now support matchmaking.

“Yes, we all know the long wait for players to join your room and the frustration when there are enough players but the host just won’t start the match. In this patch, we are excited to introduce the room matchmaking feature that allows matchmaking players to join the room and automatically starts the match when enough players are in. You can also join rooms as a team, and leaving the room or creating your own room will not disband the team. Now gather your buddies and play some thrilling matches in Craftland!”

Unable to invite friends if the room is matchmaking.

If auto-matchmaking is turned off, the room will return to its normal status.

If the host cancels matchmaking, then the players who joined the room through matchmaking will automatically leave the room.

Available on 11/18 14:00 GMT+8.

Craftland Matchmaking Tags

Easier matchmaking for your favorite maps.

“Introducing matchmaking tags in Craftland maps! Now, you can select your favorite map types before matchmaking to avoid playing a map that you don’t enjoy. We also added a “Preferred Popular” feature that enables you to experience the popular choices under every category. Simply tell us what you like and we will find it for you!”

When the “Preferred Popular” feature is turned on, you will only matchmake the popular maps under this category.

You can select multiple map tags.

Select tags by tapping the button at the bottom of the Craftland maps page.

Available on 11/18 14:00 GMT+8.

Craftland Home Page Optimization

New “Categories” page, upgraded home page layout, and optimized map details page.

“To help you guys better navigate your favorite map designs and games, we added the “Categories” title on the home page. The maps under each category will be sorted by the number of players currently playing the map so that you can pick the popular ones to play. Also, we updated the map cover images and map details page layout for better viewing. Remember to check them out!”

The “Subscription” tab is now moved to the Home page.

New Night and Dusk Skyboxes

Craftland now supports night and dusk.

“We are proud to welcome night and dusk skyboxes to Craftland! Spice things up by adjusting the light in your games, such as parkour at night or gunfighting in the dark.”

Configure night and dusk skies from the settings menu in the editor.

Object Placing Optimization

Enjoy more freedom in placing your objects.

“Starting this patch, you will have more freedom in placing your objects and adjusting their angles. You may also accurately configure their positions and stacking methods to create your own unique objects. Here’s a challenge: build a spherical shape or a floating race track in Craftland.”

Turn on Free Placing to enable advanced object placing.

Edit Other Players’ Map Designs

Some maps now support re-editing after download.

“Ever loved a map but believe that it could use a little tweaking? Now you can simply use the re-editing feature to modify an existing map design (only applicable to certain maps). Simply download the map to a slot and adjust as you wish.”

You must first download the map in order to edit it.

Re-edited maps are not available for another round of editing.

Other Craftland Optimizations

 - Higher object cost limit.

 - Supports texture change for scalable objects.

 - Destroyable objects (such as zombies, turrets, fortresses, and containers) will display health bars.

 - New objects:

     - Portal

     - Trigger Platform

     - Snowman

     - Gift Box

     - Coconut Tree

     - Bougainvillea

     - Bush

     - Barrels

     - Ducky Float

     - Jack-O’-Lantern

 - More straightforward information and icons on the object selection interface. Optimized the editing process of the editor.

 - Optimized the user experience when an object is selected.

 - Optimized the winning condition and match-end condition for Parkour mode.

 - Optimized the winning condition and match results interface for PvE mode templates.