Hi Survivors!

We’re excited to share with you a series of optimizations to enhance your gaming experience. Free Fire has a strong foundation for accessibility but, as we became more focused on adding new content, many of you are having more trouble running the game itself. In the upcoming months, we will try our best to solve some of the biggest pain points in Free Fire, including basic navigations and lags. Read on to learn more!


Streamlined In-game Interactions

While interviewing Free Fire players, we noticed that on some devices it took over 5 minutes to boot up the game. The devs team ran tests on the common devices used to play Free Fire and found that the long duration is mostly caused by loading too much content at once, including all kinds of notifications, pop-ups, and other information. To make your Free Fire experience smoother, we have made changes to smoothen your in-game experience:

1. Login & Lobby Optimizations:
    a. Shortened the login time and added auto-login.
    b. Less pop-up windows. 
    c. Shortened the duration between arriving at the Spawn Island and onboard the airplane.
    d. Quicker friends list loading.
2. Smoother Interfaces:
    a. Including mode selection, team-up lobby, match results, Vault, events, mail, and missions.
3. Lag Optimizations:
    a. Alleviated in-match delays.
    b. Reduced lags on the match results page.

Of course, it’s our ongoing commitment to improve your in-game experience, so stay tuned for more of such optimizations in the future!


Damage Bugs and “Teleporting”

Over the last couple of years, the development team has invested hard work to identify and tackle bug damage issues, including shotguns at mid-range and hidden barriers at a 40m distance. As we dove deeper into these issues, we realized that high ping is often the root cause, giving players the false impression of bug-like or hack-like behavior. We are now focusing on solving the high ping problem to further lessen damage bugs.

This patch, we amended 2 frequent consequences of high ping. The first, and one of the most common damage bugs, is when your damage is rendered invalid even before the enemy deploys a Gloo Wall. The development team has made optimizations so that the actions executed are now as close to the command time as possible.

The other optimization is alleviating the “teleporting” movement issue, which is often mistakenly perceived as hacks. Players moving around with high ping tend to dash forward instantly, making them hard to aim at. We’ve now made their movements more progressive so that they are more predictable and look less buggy. Over the next few months, we will be adding further improvements to make high ping movements look smoother.


Internet Connection

In the coming months, we will introduce an internet-related update as another endeavor to solve the high ping issue. Free Fire covers numerous countries, and its servers span all over the world. To better serve our folks in less-populated countries, we use the same server for multiple countries so that everyone can enjoy a short matchmaking time. This, however, gave rise to the high ping issue. We plan to address the problem with our Duo Network Connection, which, if turned on, detects which of your Wi-Fi or Cellular connection is better and switches to that network. Our other long-term plans include adding more servers and developing game-accelerating algorithms.

That’s it for this time! The devs team loves to hear from you guys so we encourage you all to continue sending in feedback and bug reports. When reaching out, make sure to include a clear screenshot/recording, your UID, the mode, the map, and the match time (including the hour).


Until next time!

GM Andrew