Battle Royale



Weapon rush time!
“If you feel high-tier loot areas are not challenging or rewarding enough, give the Arsenals a go. They are packed with quality equipment and fine firearms for you and the team. Loads of pleasant surprises await!”

 - There’s a chance to obtain level-3 firearms and airdrop-exclusive weapons in Arsenals. Remember to bring a search team!
 - Each map will have 5 to 6 Arsenals. Their locations can be seen on the mini-map.
 - A key is required to access the Arsenal.
 - There are 1 to 2 keys located in each major area of the map.
 - Keys can be purchased from vending machines. (Each key costs 600 FF Coins. Only 3 keys are held across all vending machines each game, so make sure to sprint!)
 - Keys can be purchased from Airdrop vending machines. (Each key costs 400 FF Coins. Each Airdrop vending machine holds 1 key.)


BR Battle Card

Show your proudest battle achievements!
“The Battle Card feature lets players display their battle stats and the skills they’ve equipped on the loading screen prior to a CS match. This feature is being extended to BR mode!”

 - Battle Cards are displayed to teammates after leaving the spawn island
 - Players may customize the stats display
 - Equipped skills are also displayed


Vehicle Improvements

Fly me to the moon! — Free Fire cars
“Vehicles, in general, lack the versatility to handle the rough road conditions in most maps. They especially underperform on steep hills. To fix this, we’ve greatly increased their horsepower and mobility. Now, you may drive up a rugged mountain with ease. Not only that, try speeding over a hill at max speed for a pleasant, gravity-defying experience!”

 - Vehicles are easier to control.
 - Vehicles are more suitable for going up hills.
 - At high speed, vehicles driving over a steep hill can lift off the ground for a brief moment!
 - Increased vehicle HP and decreased vehicle damage


New Item - Jammer

Position remains unrevealed.
“Tracing Steps, UAVs, and other scanning props are essential recon items in a typical BR match and are almost impossible to avoid once deployed by opponents. Now, as long as you have a Jammer in your backpack, your position will no longer be compromised!”

 - After equipping a Jammer, you will no longer be detected by Clu’s Tracing Steps, Memory Mist, Dinoculars, and UAVs.
 - Minimap no longer reveals your position.
 - Can be obtained from Airdrops


New Item - Loot Radar

Item search will not be a burden anymore!
"Early-game looting alone could be a profession. Every player will be given a Loot Radar at the start of a BR match. Item search just became much more methodical and efficient!"

Loot Radar user instructions:
 - The Loot Radar reveals all unowned and higher-level loot within 75 meters every 25 seconds.
 - Players are notified of a detected item in the form of a Pin.
 - The Loot Radar is enabled by default. Players may choose to manually disable the Loot Radar in their backpacks.
 - Equipped by default for all BR players.


Solo-Queue Revival

The game doesn’t end even if you get instantly eliminated right after landing. Everyone deserves a second chance!
“We noticed that solo queue in BR is the only matchmaking mode that’s missing a revival feature. In this update, players are given a chance to revive to combat those unlucky early-game deaths.”

BR Solo Casual & Ranked:
 - Revival chance is only granted once per match, and is only available for the first 3 minutes of the match
 - The heart icon on the top right corner indicates whether the revival system is activated.
     - A gray heart means the revival system is inactive.
     - A yellow heart means the revival system is active.
     - A red heart means the revival system is active, but will shut down in 30 seconds.

Other BR adjustments:
 - Weapons available from vending machines have been changed to M1014-1, AN94, M4A1-1, and Woodpecker. Cost increase: 300 FF Coins→ 400 FF Coins
 - Added M82B to the vending machine (cost: 600 FF Coins. Only 2 are held across all vending machines per match.)
 - Removed Flashbang
 - Revival duration required at Revival Points:
     - NeXTerra: 20s → 25s
     - Other Maps: 25s → 33s
 - Defense Airdrop
     - First Phase: 4s → 6s
     - Second Phase: 8s → 12s
     - Third Phase: 16s → 24s
 - Treasure Map: Removed Grappling Hook Gun and replaced it with a firearm (MAC10, XM8, or AK47)
 - Vehicle count
     - Bermuda, Purgatory, Kalahari:
         - No. of Jeeps per map: 8 - 10 → 16 - 20
         - No. of Sports Cars per map: 5 - 8 → 1 -2
     - NeXTerra, Alpine:
         - No. of Jeeps per map: 4 - 8 → 12 - 16
 - Drop rate of Upgrade Chips decreased by 30%
 - Removed Oil Barrel
 - Removed Airship
 - Scan has been enabled for all players during parachuting. (Scan reveals nearby players.)
 - Play Zone Timestamps
     - For Battle Royale Duo and Squad
         - 4th zone spawn: 725th second → 740th second.
         - 4th zone shrink: 770th second → 785th second.

         - 5th zone spawn: 830th second → 860th second.
         - 5th zone shrink: 865th second → 890th second.

         - 6th zone spawn: 910th second → 950th second.
         - 6th zone shrink: 940th second → 980th second.


Clash Squad


Shifting Play Zones

Hiders make the game less fun. We’re urging them to come out and fight!
“We discovered that in specific maps (Factory or Clock Tower), the number of hiders has become excessive. Their strategy to camp and heal rapidly with bonfire results in an unfair gameplay with no counterplay options. This has negatively impacted players' experience and the overall match pace.”

After the first zone shrinks, a new location will randomly appear on the map. The Play Zone will move to that location first before shrinking again.


Weapon Cost Adjustment

 - M14-II: 1900 -> 1700


CS Store Adjustments

 - New weapons available: M1917, SVD, M60


Other Modes

Free For All

Practice makes perfect!
“Whether you’re looking for back-to-back intense battles or some extra spice to accompany your weapon practice routine, you’ll find them all in the refined Free For All mode! Prove your worth by eliminating anyone who dares to show their face, and stand at the top of the scoreboard!”

 - Added a real-time scoreboard that displays your number of eliminations and your current rank.
 - Adjusted the HP recovery buff upon elimination. In order to incentivize eliminations, the buff now rapidly restores HP & EP and repairs armor as opposed to regenerating health over time.
 - Armor now has durability which can be restored upon acquiring an elimination buff.
 - Players will now revive at the least crowded revival point nearby.
 - Players are now visible to each other but are rendered immobile at the start of the match. Players may browse for weapons before the countdown timer ends.
 - Extended the period of time designated for weapon purchase after revival. The store doesn’t close until the player fires their first shot. Meanwhile, players can now purchase weapons during the countdown.


Big Head Mode

Go big or go home!
“With more fast-paced gameplay, the classic Big Head is back and better than ever! Dominate the enemies, get OP buffs, and be the greatest head that ever existed!”
Main upgrades:
 - Added a buff system where players gain buffs after level-ups and revivals
 - Optimized UI where game progress and player head levels are presented more clearly
 - Added real-time display that shows your current rank/total rank and your current score/total score
 - Added a warm-up stage at the start of the game to boost game performance on low-end devices
 - Reduced parachuting duration to speed up the pace of the game


Gloo Maker (Big Head Mode)

Brand new Gloo Wall production device!
“In a battlefield fraught with risks and danger, Gloo Walls are your most reliable support on the road to Booyah. The new Gloo Makers are here to pave the way. They produce Gloo Walls as time passes, and set players free from relying solely on drop rates!”

Gloo Makers are divided into 5 levels:

To reach levelEXP required (cumulative)Max Gloo Wall capacityGloo Wall production time

There are 3 ways to gain EXP:
 - Gloo Maker passively gains 1 EXP per second.
 - Dealing 1 damage gives 0.5 EXP.
 - Picking up a Gloo Chip gives 200 EXP.

There are 3 ways to obtain Gloo Walls:
 - Gloo Makers produce Gloo Walls as time goes by.
 - Looting an enemy that you’ve eliminated instantly gives 2 Gloo Walls.
 - Looting an enemy that somebody else has eliminated instantly gives 1 Gloo Wall. (The eliminator is also given 1 Gloo Wall when the enemy is being looted.)

Waggor’s Skill - Smooth Gloo
 - In game modes that feature Gloo Makers, Mr. Waggor’s skill is replaced by the ability to give 200 Gloo Maker EXP 600/400/200s after the game starts.


Characters & Pets


New Character


Santino Valentine

Fashion Designer
“Santino is the founder of Angelic, a sports and street fashion brand. He created the most popular trend in New Dawn, a pair of pants with angel wing patterns that swept all social media overnight.”

Shape Splitter:
Spawn a 200 HP mannequin that stands still for 12s, then use this skill again to teleport to the mannequin’s position. The mannequin will be destroyed after use or after the 12 seconds is up. Cooldown: 130/120/110/100/90/80s.


Character Reworks



The time it takes to destroy Gloo Walls increased, HP recovery removed.
“Skyler is a hard counter against Gloo Walls, and it’s tipping a bit over the edge. Targeted opponents are left with almost no time for counterplay. We’re nerfing Riptide Rhythm’s burst by replacing it with AoE damage over time. This should help Gloo Wall users survive against him without taking away too much of his destructive powers. Meanwhile, we’ve removed Skyler’s healing effect to keep it a purely offensive skill”

Riptide Rhythm:
Unleashes a sonic wave forward for 50/58/67/77/88/100m, causing hit barriers to explode and inflicting damage to Gloo Walls within a 3.5 meter radius for 4s, CD: 75/70/65/60/55/50 seconds.



Kenta can now pick his shield back up after firing shots.
“It has become obvious to us that defensive skills like Chrono’s were far more popular than those like Kenta’s. His high skill cap makes him fall off when it comes to the average players. This rework should nudge him in the right direction as a counter-offensive specialist.”

Swordsman’s Wrath:
Forms a frontal shield of 5m width that reduces 50% weapon damage coming from the front. When you fire shots, weapon damage will only be reduced by 10%. Lasts for 2/3/3.5/4/4.5/5s. Cooldown: 120/110/100/90/80/70s.


Character Balance Adjustments



Cooldown reduced.
“For a gap-closing ability similar to Wukong’s skill, Rebel Rush’s long cooldown hinders players from playing aggressively. We’re reducing his skill cooldown to encourage more all-ins with him.”

Rebel Rush:
Dashes forward at a rapid speed for 0.2/0.2/0.2/0.3/0.3/0.3s. Dash replenish time: 175/160/150/140/130/120 → 110/100/90/80/70/60s. This skill can be accumulated for up to 2 uses, with a 5-second cooldown between each use.

The movement becomes smoother after releasing the skill.



Armor penetration decreased, damage reduction decreased.
“As one of the most used passive skills, Hayato’s Art of Blades gives an all-around buff, making him unparalleled in battle. We’re taking away some of his tanky and anti-armor power so that other passive skills have more chance to shine.”

Art of Blades:
With every 10% decrease in maximum HP, armor penetration increases by 4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7 → 2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5.
Awakening: Reduces frontal damage by 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5% → 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3% for every 10% of max HP loss.



Skill Duration increased.
“Wall Brawl’s short duration makes it difficult for players to execute tactical plans effectively. We have extended the duration of Iris' skill so that players are more motivated to pick her for Gloo Wall counterplays.”

Wall Brawl:
For 5/6/7/8/9/10 → 15s, successfully firing at a Gloo Wall will mark enemies within 7m of it and penetrate the Gloo Wall to cause damage to marked enemies (damage inflicted will be lower than usual). Effective on 3/3/4/4/5/5 Gloo Walls max.Cooldown: 85/80/75/70/65/60s.



Fixed skill range, damage reduction decreased.
“Silent Sentinel benefited a tad too much when paired with Art of Blades, making J.Biebs oppressively tanky. We’re dialing his damage reduction down a bit, so as to reward opponents for landing shots on him while the skill is activated. Also, the range of his skill now stays the same across all ranks so that opponents get more accustomed to it.”

Silent Sentinel:
Skill user and allies within 6/8/8/10/10/12 → 12m can block 7/7/10/10/15/15% → 6/6/9/9/12/12% damage using EP. In this case, the amount of EP deducted from allies will be added to the skill user’s EP.



Recovery speed decreased, total HP recovery increased.
“Although Leon is able to restore HP relatively quickly, the amount of restoration doesn’t make a big enough impact on the next battle encounter. In hopes of establishing his role as an out-of-combat healer, we are re-balancing him by boosting his healing power, while taking away some of his healing speed.”

Buzzer Beater:
Recovers 5/10/15/20/25/30 → 16/24/32/40/48/60 HP after surviving combat. Recover 5 → 4 HP per second for 1/2/3/4/5/6 → 4/6/8/10/12/15 seconds.


Character Skill Slots Unlocked by Default

Say goodbye to locked skill slots!
“Finally got the character of your dreams, only to discover you have 3 whole skill slots to unlock before giving them a go? No more of that nonsense! Starting from this update, skill slots on all characters newly and previously acquired are unlocked by default! (Of course, this excludes characters that come without skill slots… did you hear that, Nulla and Primis?)”

Skill slots on all characters (except for Nulla and Primis) are automatically unlocked.


New Pet - Kactus

“Definitely bring Kactus along if you’re looking for bonus EP nutrition. Kactus absorbs all the nourishment the Earth has to offer and converts it into EP. But in order for that to happen, you have to be a little more patient than usual.”

When the owner stays still for 8/7/6s, they will restore 10EP/s. Restoration stops once 100EP is restored or upon player movement/jumping.



Regional Weapon Glory Leaderboard

Be the weapon ruler in your region!
“Want to tell your friends who’s the true gun master? The Weapon Glory Leaderboard opens up that possibility! Increase your Weapon Glory by destroying enemies in ranked matches. Get bragging rights in the form of unique, displayable titles for entering the top 100.”

 - Separate leaderboards for BR and CS modes
 - Turn on the in-app location access to set your region, and embark on a glorious journey!
 - Weapon Glory breakdown: The scoring model takes into account your base score, ranked match performance, and a coefficient.
     - When you first enter the leaderboard page, the scoring model calculates your base score by looking at your weapon mastery.
     - Your weapon stats from every ranked match are converted into ranked match performance points.
     - The coefficient drops if a weapon is not used by you for a certain amount of time. Eliminate enemies with that weapon in ranked matches to restore the coefficient.
 - The top 100 players are listed on the leaderboard and are entrusted with a limited-time Weapon Glory title that refreshes every Monday.
 - Titles are broken down into two categories (Paramount and Prominent) based on the player’s geographic region and division.
 - Your leaderboard rank resets towards the end of every season. Your rank from last season partially carries over to the next season.
 - Your location can be changed once a week.


Battle Prep System Revamp

A one-stop station for all your battle preparations!
“We love character skills. We love pet skills. And we love loadouts. What we don’t appreciate is the fact that every time we want to change them, we have to visit all the different pages separately. We all know it’s a pain, and that’s why we’ve redesigned battle prep to make it quick and painless! Now you can select all 3 types of skills and loadouts from 2 preset pages.”

The new Battle Strategy page includes:
 - Main character settings (dictates appearance and skills)
 - Pet skill settings
 - Two customizable preset pages that can be toggled easily (The entry button indicates which loadout is currently in effect.)
 - Recommended strategies that can be quick-equipped


Rank UI Layout Optimizations

Challenge yourself by climbing the rank ladder!
“Let’s welcome a neat and organized rank system interface!”
 - Added a link to the Weapon Glory Leaderboard
 - Moved the question mark icon next to the player’s current rank display
 - Optimized the rank display of Heroic and above to show information on the next higher rank
 - CS Grandmasters are now able to check the minimum star requirement for maintaining the rank.


Game Environment

“Anti-cheat detector covers more ground.”
 - Upgraded the abnormality detection model to include skin mods


Social Systems and Features

Dynamic Duo System Updates

Spend quality time with your buddy and their character skills!
“The long-awaited Dynamic Duo system enhancement is here! Besides raising the highest level to Lv. 6, we’re also putting forward a new feature: character skill-share. When you start a Dynamic Duo with a buddy, you have access to all of their character skills. Mix, match, and make friends!”
 - Skill-share system: Equip and use each other’s character skills after forming a Dynamic Duo.
     - If you end the Dynamic Duo, all shared skills equipped will disappear
 - New Dynamic Duo level cap: Lv. 6.


Recruit System Enhancements

Impeccable teamwork is always the key to victory.
“Find your dream team through the recruiting system! We added new filters to the recruitment page for players to snatch qualified teammates the first chance they have.”

New filters on the recruitment page:
 - Game modes
 - Game maps
 - Current team size


Team-Up Recommendation Optimizations

Team up with reliable teammates!
“If you've ever felt disappointed that you were not able to team up with a stranger you worked seamlessly together during a game, you're in for some great news! Starting from this update, we’re putting reliable and friendly teammates on top of the post-match team-up recommendation list. No more regrets!”

Recommendation priorities:
 - Online players
 - MVP of the last match
 - Players who had friendly interactions with you from the last match (help-buys, giving hearts)
 - Recurring teammates from the past 10 matches


Game Performance

Boot Time Optimizations

What’s faster than fast?
“Want to play a quick match, but the game’s taking forever to boot up? Not anymore. We’ve made huge improvements to start-up time in this update. You’ll be sure to notice the difference!”

Reduced the time needed from launching the app to entering the lobby
Added auto-login feature
Reduced response time for going to different pages from the lobby
Removed certain login pop-ups
Optimized the loading time for some device models to enter a match
Optimized the processing time of post-match results for some device models


Weapon and Balance


Weapon Balance Adjustments

Fine-tuned weapons for a healthier game balance.
“In addition to the regular tweaks, we focused on strengthening the M60 because we felt like machine guns have been underappreciated. Don’t forget that with machine guns, crouching while shooting gives a much bigger advantage!”

Rifle Adjustments:
 - Shield Gun: DMG +10%, shield HP +6%, shield recovery speed +15%
 - G36 (assault): range +10%
 - Parafal: Rate of fire +10%, accuracy +10%, magazine capacity 30 → 18
 - AUG: Rate of fire +10%, min. DMG -10%, armor penetration +10%

SMG Adjustments:
 - MAC10: DMG +5%, min. DMG +10%, distance of max. DMG +5%

Shotgun Adjustments:
 - Trogon (shotgun mode): Rate of fire +12%, accuracy +10%

Machine Gun Adjustments: 
 - M60: Rate of fire +5%, accuracy +10%, rate of fire when crouching +15%

 - M79: Reload speed -15%
 - M79 is now only compatible with M79 ammo instead of all grenade launcher ammo



Loadout Balance Adjustment

Well-balanced battle enhancements make all the difference.
“We've made changes to one of the BR loadout to make sure it is equally competitive with other loadouts in the field.”

Battle Royale Loadout:
 - Supply Crate: Get 200 FF Coins, an AK47, and 30 AR Ammo when you are revived. → Get 200 FF Coins, a Thompson, and 60 SMG Ammo when you are revived.


Ping Compensation

Combat high ping with winning plays.
“We all have had a bad internet day. I can’t think of anything more frustrating than watching victory slip away from your hands only because of an unexpected ping spike. Laggy opponents also negatively impact the match. Starting from this patch, we’re determined to work toward a complete fix. We’re tackling the biggest problems at hand - invulnerable Gloo Walls and unexpected teleports under high lag.”

Reducing packet loss under high ping:
 - Damage dealt by ammo before a Gloo Wall-placing command now takes effect.
 - Please keep in mind that when latency is extremely high, damage dealt or received may fail to pass server verification and thus not take effect.

Optimizing the display of player movement:
 - Reduced the amount and the extent of abnormal character movement as seen by other players when experiencing high ping so that they don’t mistake high-lag players for hackers
 - Improved the situation where characters clip back and forth involuntarily when experiencing high ping


Quick-Chat Tool Revamp

Pin for the win!
“Try out our redone and refined quick-chat feature! Swipe your finger for a much more advanced and interactive comms system.”

Pins and marks can now be sent by holding and dragging the button to on-screen locations. (The previous quick-pin commands can still be used.)

Below are the instructions on how to use the new system:

 - Dragging the Pin icon to any resource or interactive item marks it and sends a related message to your teammates.
 - Dragging the Pin icon to any map location sends default marks to your teammates.
 - Messages sent when you drag the icon onto certain HUD buttons:
     - Active skill →  skill status such as "Ready" or “On Cooldown”
     - Med Kit icon → “I need healing items”
     - HP bar → “I’m at full health” or “I’m not at full health”
     - FF Coins → “I need FF coins”
     - Gloo Wall → “I need a Gloo Wall” or “I have x Gloo Wall(s)”
     - Weapon bar → “I need ammo for weapon x” (if you own a gun) or “I need a gun” (if you don't own a gun)
 - If you wish to alert the team of a site of danger, hold the mark button to change the message type.
     - When you are in danger, the system auto-switches your message type to “Alerts”


Quick-Chat Reponse Upgrades

Thank you and more!
“Do you feel limited when you have a lot more to say than a bland “OK”, but can’t find the option in quick replies? We added a plethora of new replies for a much wider variety of scenarios.”

 - The "OK" icon procs when replying to location marks and tactical orders
 - The “Helmet” icon procs for calling dibs on a piece of equipment
 - The "Heart" icon procs when you need to send help signals
 - The "Like" icon procs after great teamwork and friendly exchanges
     - Added complimentary text such as "Nice shot!" and "Thank you"
P.S. To avoid distractions, this feature is automatically disabled when the player is in combat.


Teammate Recognition

Teammates are much more than just strangers with guns.
“We’ve heard feedback that players can’t really tell who’s who in a match. To make teammates more easily recognized and distinguished, we reinforced the association of players with their numbers and corresponding colors.”

 - Added a floating icon that displays a colored number on the top of your teammate’s character for easier identification.
 - To help you know where your team is, if your teammate is out of sight, their number and color will appear on the edge of your screen based on their current position in relation to yours.


Multi-Directional Jumps

Smoother movement animation.
“In the past, your character could only move in the same direction as they jump. We admit, this has been feeling a bit out of place. For the sake of realistic combat and aesthetics, We upgraded the jump mechanics to make them multi-directional.”

Jumping mechanics & animation upgrade:
 - Players are able to turn in a different direction when jumping while the camera stays locked.


Map Pool Adjustments

“In order to optimize the matchmaking model and reduce package size, we’ve adjusted the map pool for both ranked and casual modes.”

Updated map pool for BR & CS:
 - Bermuda
 - NeXTerra
 - Purgatory


Other Adjustments

 - Players will now be asked to confirm a character switch on the character page to prevent accidental changes
 - Rare Trial Gun Skins are now displayed correctly on the Daily Challenges reward page



Customizable Cover Photos for Maps

Make your maps more attractive!
“Feel like the tiny thumbnail doesn’t do your map justice? Here’s your chance! The customizable map cover feature allows you to capture the game from anywhere on the map, and present your creation however you see it!”

Find the “Create Map Cover” button on the map publishing page.
Click the button to enter preview mode and take a screenshot.
Uploaded map covers can also be edited on the same page.


New Objects in the Editor Tool

You guys asked, and we delivered!
“For Craftland, creativity often sparks from experimenting in a sea of infinite combinations. In this update, we’ll be introducing more fun and exciting objects for you to draw your imagination freely!”

New interactive objects:
 - Grav Labs with adjustable jump height and fall damage
 - Oil barrels with adjustable HP, explosion range, and explosion damage
 - Zombie Boss: The Butcher
New objects:
 - Iron Fence B
 - Damaged truck


Map Info Display on Loading Screens

The battle begins way before the game starts.
“Have you ever gotten into a game but have no idea what the rules are? Have you ever wanted to know more about the map to better prep for battle? Read the map info carefully during loading screens and gain the edge over your opponents!”

Map name, game mode, map cover, and a brief summary of the map are now shown on loading screens.


Post-Match Stats Page

Choose to start another game on the results page!
After completing a match, view your EXP and level changes on the results page. If you feel like you’ve enjoyed the map, feel free to like, subscribe, or even have another game!

The page pops up automatically upon match completion.
Players may choose to comment on the map or have another game.


Other Adjustments

 - Optimized profile page interface
 - Max map cost increase: 4000>10000
 - New quick-play button on the home page
 - New characters whose skill cooldowns can be adjusted to zero: A124, Homer, Iris, Tatsuya
 - Fixed the problem where players are required to manually create a room when matchmaking fails