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Free Fire is a battle royale shooting game. Each game places 50 players on a single island, where they can explore the vast map, hide in the wild, or seek to eliminate enemy players in order to be the last person surviving on the island.

Aside from battle royale, other game modes are also available in Free Fire. Clash Squad mode is one such game mode that has risen in popularity. The game mode places 2 teams of 4 players in a small location, where they engage in multiple rounds of combat to determine the more skillful team. Other modes include the more casual Pet Rumble, a social game where players engage in a battle of wits.


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  • A-Patroa

    A-Patroa is a strong, confident woman who uses her music to help the community.
    The exclusive skill slot can be equipped with any owned skill and the remaining slots are automatically unlocked when you obtain this character.

  • Iris

    Iris is a deaf assassin who is chock full of energy.
    Within a certain time after releasing the skill, the skill user can attack a Gloo Wall to mark the enemies near it and penetrate the Gloo Wall to cause damage to said enemies (damage inflicted will be lower than usual).

  • J.Biebs

    J.Biebs dedicates his life and uses his singing to reunite the world.
    Skill user and allies can block damage using EP. In this case, the amount of EP deducted from allies will be added to the skill user EP.

  • Homer

    Homer is a blind assassin whose other senses more than make up for his lost one.
    Releases a drone to the nearest frontal enemy, creating a 5m-diameter pulse explosion which reduces enemy movement speed and firing speed and inflicts damage on them.

  • Kenta

    Kenta is a strong-willed bladesmith who can make almost any weapon.
    Forms a shield that reduces weapon damage coming from the front. Resets when user fires a shot.

  • Leon

    Leon is a student that has extreme basketball skills.
    Recovers HP after engagement in combat

  • Nairi

    Nairi is a man who chases storms looking for answers.
    Gloowalls deployed will recover certain amount of current durability every 1s when damage is taken. Increased damage when using ARs on Gloo Walls.

  • Otho

    Otho is a university student who is the master of memory.
    Forms a memory mist when an enemy is eliminated, revealing positions of other enemies close by.

  • Thiva

    Thiva is the lead singer and musician in a band.
    Rescue (help-up) speed increases.

  • Dimitri

    Dimitri is the sound technology engineer and musician.
    Creates a 3.5m healing zone. Inside, users and allies recover 3HP/s. When downed, users and allies can self-recover to get up.