New Update: New Mode, New Character, New Weapon and New Vehicle

2018-04-17 14:00:00
40-man duo-only vehicular mode - Death Race!

New Features

  • Major graphic improvements to make gameplay look and feel more realisti
  • Bigger map - Sentosa island!
  • Ranked mode is now available for those of you who are more competitive. Exclusive season rewards await!
  • Swimming Swim across to the new Sentosa Island, or you could just hide in the sea.
  • New character - Nikita the bodyguard.
  • Callsign - customize how your nickname looks to other players.
  • Mailbox - what better way to send you gifts?
  • Match history for you to revel in your past glories.
  • Continue spectating the player who eliminated you in solo games.

Balances and Improvements

  • iPhone X is now fully supported.
  • VSS, G18 and M1014 can no longer have any muzzle attachments.
  • VSS is now less easily detected by enemies, thanks to its built-in silencer.
  • Desert Eagle can no longer have any magazine attachments.
  • When destroyed, vehicles now lose control for a short time before exploding.
  • After exploding, vehicles burst into flames and deal area damage over time for several seconds to surrounding players.
  • Vehicles now take damage for reckless driving.