New Update: New Mode, New Character, New Weapon and New Vehicle

2018-04-17 14:00:00

New Features

  • 40-man duo-only vehicular mode - Death Race!
    Team up in this vehicle-only mode and collect power-ups. Can you, your teammate and your motorcycle survive till the end? 40-man duo-only vehicular mode - Death Race!
  • Disconnected players may now reconnect.
  • Food & energy system
    Consume mushrooms scattered around the map to gain energy and regain HP over time.
  • Vaulting through windows is now possible.
  • New weapon - M79 grenade launcher.
  • New marine vehicle - Amphibious Motorcycle.
  • New character - Racequeen Misha.
  • Loot box left behind by the enemies you slayed is now customizable.
  • Customizable backpack.
  • Air surfing - new option for users to skate while in the air.

Balances and Improvements

  • Fixed a pesky issue characters could seemingly shoot from cover because they are right-handed.
  • Characters can now be upgraded to level 7.
  • Improved safezone mechanics so that illogical safezones will never appear.
  • 0-durability equipment now disintegrate.
  • When picking up a new weapon, attachments from the old weapon will automatically be equipped on the new weapon.
  • View distance increased by 25%, players can now see enemies further into the distance.